Friday, May 22, 2009

Duck Pond

I know I promised pictures of the ultrasound!!! I really am going to scan those soon so everyone can see our baby GIRL... but for now here are pictures of the boys. Tyler is out of town for the weekend (his brother is graduating from high school). I asked the boys what they wanted to do they came up with a few things...the first thing was go to the "duck Pond". So we headed there this morning. (They wanted Daddy to see everything they are up to so I'll try to update this often for him!)

As soon as Tyler left they started waving to the airplanes and yelling "Hi Daddy". This morning there was a message from Tyler on the phone. It started playing and the boys came running into the kitchen looking for Tyler because they heard his voice. They sure love their Daddy. Hopefully we will have a fun weekend here even without Tyler.

On another note-

I wish I recorded more of the funny things Garret says. He is constantly coming up with great lines. I forget them too fast though. Spencer is starting to talk a ton and seems to be amusing us all the time as well.

Garret came to me this morning and said "Guess what Mom?" I said "What?" he said "Some people have TWO bathrooms...that's so cool!".

Every time he sees a cigarette on the ground he says "Mom look it's one of those things we don't blow in."

He loves to tease Spencer (which sometimes is funny...most of the time it just makes Spencer scream) anyway he will go "Spencer Josh is in the bathroom". Spencer falls for it every time and goes running to see a friend. Then is totally confused when no one is there.
He calls Dandelions "Dandy flowers" and gets so excited when there are lots of "Dandy flowers".
He talks no stop about the "turkey trot" he is going to be in and how Uncle Dan is taking him hiking this summer. He practices all the time!
I will have to think of more funny things they say so I can record them.


Leah and Joe said...

Those kids are so funny! We cant wait to see them. We want to hear what they think about having a baby sister too!

Kristy E.B. said...

I'm so excited for you guys to have a little girl! It will be a change of pace, but so fun to dress her up all cute!!

Marianne Thayne said...

I love the picture with backside showing and his little feet are stretching to see over the top. Looks like a lot of fun.

Debbie said...

Those boys are so cute !!!!!!!!
I love that first picture with Garret and his arm around Spencer.
Give them a kiss from Grandma.

Love, Mom