Thursday, May 7, 2009

How can I be frustrated with this...

Little Garret didn't take much of a nap...I heard him humming in my bed for an hour or so. Then I heard his little feet prancing around. I was about to go tell him to lay in bed til I told him nap time was over...before I got there he burst through the door saying "you are gonna be so happy". He had cleaned my room for me (it was interesting...but sweet). I thanked him and told him how happy I was and then we discussed the best time to do nice things for people....(not when we are suppose to be napping).

After nap time I went upstairs to work on something and the next thing you know I hear "come see this, you are gonna be so happy". He had taken the entire laundry basket full of clothes and "put them away" (he stuck some in each drawer!). He was so excited about it...I thanked him again and then we discussed how we should help people by doing things we know how to do and that certain jobs he should ask me before doing!

We will see what he comes up with next!!!

On another note...Spencer had his two accidents this morning and has since gone back to telling me when he has to go...I am hoping this morning was the fluke and this afternoon the norm!

Some good news- Tyler finished his finals today!! Yeah!!! Now he is technically a fourth year dental student! He has a three day weekend before he heads back for spring extension!!!

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Debbie said...

Maybe Garret is getting ready for Mothers Day. (-: What a cutie pie.
Cangratulations to Tyler !!!!!

Love, Mom