Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day- One to Remember

First of all I want to give a little shout out to my Mom and Tyler's Mom for being great Mothers. We are truly grateful for all you have done for us. Thanks to all the great Mother's and women in our lives- We have been touched in so many ways by so many examples of love and kindness. 

My Mother's Day started off by breakfast made by Tyler and the boys- mmmm it was good! They also made me cards and Garret sang me his song a couple times. We got ready for church and we were off. Garret was so excited to sing up on the stand! His turn came and he was all smiles. I winked at him and he tried to wink back (he covered one eye with his hand), he gave me the "I love you" sign and he sang really well!  I am such a baby but I had a tear or two in my eye, he is just getting so big and I love him so much!

During the closing song they had us stand up. Somehow, we are not sure exactly, Spencer hurt himself. We think he must have held onto the bench in front of him to get down and hurt it. So the rest of church I was in the hall with him. He kept crying and saying "owie". It was really bothering him. He cried to sleep for a minute and so I thought "I will try to move it while he is asleep to see if it really hurts". It did- it woke him right up and the screaming started again. 

When we got home we have him some medicine and he seemed to calm down. He would only cry when he moved his arm not all the time.

He refused to use it, if we moved it for him he cried so we took him to the ER (we have been there way more than we should be). After waiting a while we went back (Spencer seemed a lot better and I was worried it would be nothing- don't get me wrong that would have been a good thing, I just would have felt bad for coming to the ER). The Doctor took a look at it and did a little arm twisting and popped the elbow back in. Apparently he had dislocated it. Within minutes of it being popped back in he was using it again and all better.

He missed his nap though (that is not a good thing). He was so grumpy, I finally asked him if he wanted to lay by me for a minute. Literally as soon as he snuggled in he was asleep (that doesn't happen with Spencer- I love snuggling him though). I let him take a little nap but it was pretty late in the day by then. As a result we had two rather grumpy kids for the afternoon. I kept trying to say "it's Mother's day you have to be happy" but they were just so tired.

They made me a yummy dinner.  And rather than being to bed early the days events caused them to go to bed late- so I am sure tomorrow will be interesting as well. It really was a day packed full of sweet moments and a bit of craziness!

I love being a Mother. I love my kids. There are hard days and easy days but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have learned so much from being a parent. I feel so blessed to have the two wonderful kids I have. They make me smile everyday. I am excited for our new baby and all the adventures in parenting that are ahead!

Here is cute little Garret boy singing to me!



Marianne Thayne said...

Another wonderfully written post. Those ER visits come at the most inopportune times don't they.

Josh Kandis & Hayden said...

Holy cow, what a day!! I'm glad he's ok and I'm glad you ended up having a great Mother's day, you deserve it!

brent and kashann said...

I am so glad you took him in. I thought that had to be it. Poor guy~ it sounds very uncomfortable. Just so you know I am pretty sure once it happens it is pretty easy to happen again. Happened to my little sister over and over. So be careful. And maybe learn how to pop it back in.
Happy M Day. You inspire me. You are such a happy wonderful mother. They are all so lucky (the fordham boys) to have ya!

Betzy said...

So glad Spencer's doing better. We were worried about him after church and hoped it wasn't broken. Keep up the good work of perfect mommy! :-)

Tia Saxton said...

I'm glad Spencer's ok! Garret's song was sooooooooo cute!

Debbie said...

So glad Spencer is okay, his Daddy had the same thing happen to him at about the same age... Their is nothing like being a Mom, how special it is when you have a little boy with such a sweet voice, how precious Garret song was...
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness!! What a crazy day! Definitely one to remember. =) I'm glad it was an easy fix!

Ok, and that movie is so adorable! I love that he knows every word and is even on pitch! How cute! And the "I Love You" sign... just so adorable!

Are you going to find out if you're having another girl or boy?