Sunday, May 17, 2009

Us + two = Lots!

We babysat for some friends while they went to New York City. I was pretty nervous to have them all for so long (Thursday night to Saturday night), but it really wasn't that bad. It was busy but everyone got along pretty well and everyone slept good.

We kept busy playing outside, going to the mall play place, shopping, going to a birthday party, reading and lots of playing. Their parents told us their daughter can be dramatic...we never saw that side of her...she was so cute and easy. We decided if all girls are like her we just might have to get ourselves one (we find out Thursday!).After letting them run around in the sprinkler they "worked" in the garden. After that I had four muddy kids, so I gave them all a bath together. It was pretty funny seeing them all in there. They thought it was soooo cool!

The last night we let them "camp out" in the living room. Spencer couldn't stop talking so he took his sleeping bag into his bedroom and camped in there but the other boys did so good. I think after me taking Spencer into his room they were all so worried they might not get to "camp" that I didn't hear a single word out of them.
By the end we were all tired but it was fun and I think their parents had a good time. It ended up being a good trade since we got to go away a month ago.

This has nothing to do with our busy weekend of babysitting. But look how gross it was behind my would think it had been years since I cleaned back wasn't!


Leah and Joe said...

What a fun weekend. Can't wait till Thursday-you better call!

Debbie said...

You better call me first !!!!!!
After all, I am the Grandma !!!!

Love, Mom

P.S. So many treasures under that couch. I bet the kids loved it !