Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventure Day 3

Saturday we got up and headed to Maine. Tyler wanted to try lobster in Maine. He said he would probably never order it again but it was fun watching him eat it and the boys thought it was so weird. It was a very windy day which made the beach pretty cold but we ventured out and played on the beach for a while. (The drive up the coast was so pretty).

Here we are dipping our feet in the Atlantic.

Spencer is a camera-ham. He was squealing about the water and as soon as I pointed the camera at him he smiled at me.

After a great day in Maine it was back to the hotel for more swimming. Garret was getting so brave he would jump off the side of the pool into the water. They crashed again that night.

One random story from Maine- (Don't read if you can't handle a gross story)-

Garret had to go the bathroom. He had to go so bad he was going to burst. We decided to just pull over and let him go on the side of the road. I stood on one side of him and we opened the door so he was kind of hidden. We figured he would just pee and hop back in the car.

Well he was looking kind of awkward and wiggling around. I was watching the front of him and saying "Garret what are you doing, just go so you don't pee on yourself". Tyler looks over from in the car and says "Rachel, he is pooping". Sure enough he had to do more than just pee. Well did we want him to pee on himself or poo? I tried to bend him over so that it wouldn't land in his pants. It was hard to do because we were all laughing so hysterically. When the excitement was over. We climbed back in the car and Tyler said "Well we didn't get a souvenir in Maine but Garret left one".

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Jess said...

That story is hilarious!! Things like that are the best. It's so much fun to make memories. I think it's awesome that you guys do so much with your boys. It will be fun when you have a little girl for them to protect! Thanks for sharing all your adventures.