Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Spencer

On my kids birthdays they get to pick what we eat... Spencer wanted popcorn for breakfast. So he got popcorn, chocolate milk and pancakes! After breakfast we opened presents. He enjoyed all of his gifts.
Tyler knew I wanted to make aprons to go with the little kitchen so while I was at book club the other night he started them. I helped when I got home. The boys looked really cute in them and really liked them.

Chuck E Cheese gives kids 20 free tokens on their birthday so we decided to go. We thought it would be so busy on a Saturday but apparently we are the only people that go to Chuck E Cheese at 9:00- it was perfect timing. They just got a bunch of new games- our old favorite was gone but they got a new one - deal or no deal that is pretty addicting.

We decided this year that we would start a new tradition of letting the kids pick out one gift on their birthday. We never let our kids just pick out something for no reason so this was a real treat. Garret is already excited about his birthday and what he will get. Spencer debated a bit then picked this weed wacker that sprays water- however it didn't really work so we took it back and his second pick was the movie Cars. If you look close at the Weed Wacker picture you can see his lovely goose egg- I accidentaly caught him with the car door (I felt so horrible). Luckily it has gone done a lot and doesn't look too bad now.
Later we got ready for his cake. We all put on the lovely party hats we have worn every year since Garret's first birthday- sadly only three survived today so maybe next birthday we will start a new era in birthday hats around our house!

We picked up Pin the tail on the donkey for a dollar. Garret called it pin the pin tail and was so excited all day to play it. All the kids were pretty cute trying to put it on blind folded. The best part was that none of the kids got it in the right spot even the ones that weren't blind folded.

We told Spencer he could pick two friends to share his cake with. This year he picked Crew and Jason. He loved having friends to share his moment in the spotlight with.
Here is their funny face picture!

He did awesome blowing his candles out. He was pretty excited and had even been practicing!
After cake we headed to a church BBQ. It was right next to a playground so that was just one more fun thing for him.
Currently he is laying in bed saying "fireworks wake me up".
I hope he had a great day and knows how special he is. We sure had fun trying to make it memorable!


Debbie said...

What a great day for Spencer !!!
And then to finish it off with listening to fireworks - how great is that !!!
He really is such a cutie, and I am glad that he had a great day.

Love, Mom

Lindsey said...

YAY Spencer!

Water Buffalo said...

hey your belly is hiding in those pics!!:)

Mike, Kalie and Jason Borynski said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! Thanks for inviting us to share it with you guys, Jason had fun playing with the boys!

Mike, Kalie and Jason Borynski said...

ps. I love the family pic!

Debbie said...

We are so glad that Spencer had such a fun day, that was made just for him, so very, very special...
Looks like everyone had fun, even Daddy & Mommy!!!
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton

Leah and Joe said...

Happy Birthday Spency, we can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Alicia said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you have SUCH a cute family! I love that you used the same party hats for so many years - little traditions like that are so sweet.

I totally understand feeling bad about the goose-egg on Spencer's head... the other day I slammed (and I really should say crunched) Sheldon's hand in the door and then a few days later in the car door... one finger nail has already fallen off and another one looks like it's on its way... SO sad!

I also LOVE your birthday cake! So adorable! I love that you cultivate your kids' little personalities and let them love whatever they want to love or be into whatever they want to be into.