Monday, July 6, 2009

Spencer Stats and more

Today Spencer had his two year doctor appointment. He was actually really excited about it. He practiced his brave face and even showed me where they were going to give him a shot. He did awesome.

His stats were-

31 pounds - 80th percentile (he stood on the weight thing and smiled the whole time)
35 inches- 40th percentile (he stood up by himself but he looked super hunched over- I think they could have easily been off by an inch or two)
I can't remember his head measurement but I remember the doctor saying his noggin was 95 percentile...but not to worry he had always had a big head!

He had to get a finger stick and he sat all by himself and didn't cry- he just said "it hurts mommy" over and over. He wanted to sit by himself for the shot as well. He smiled while she showed it to him but the second it was in he screamed. He calmed right down. She brought him a couple stickers. As soon as he saw there were more than one he said "share with Garret". All in all it was a very successful Dr. visit!

On to other things-

I was at the Target bathroom the other day and Spencer was with me. After I washed my hands I flicked water at him. He totally laughed. This lady next to me says to Spencer "you don't have a very nice Mommy do you?"- Why do people feel the need to say things like that?

We read some girl names from a name book the other night and all picked some favorites- some of the boys top picks were (and these were from the book) Bunny, Bambi, Cinderella, FiFi, Birtha and Veronica, we told them we would let them save their names for when they are Daddys.

Garret asked me if I would have a hole in my tummy when the baby comes out. I said no. He asked me how it got out then. Tyler kept saying "yeah how does it get out"(he is such trouble). I said the doctor would help, then Garret said "but how does it come out and where". Let's just say he is a little more educated now.


Debbie said...

Oh those boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mom

Lindsey said...

I hope you told the Target lady to stick it! I would have!