Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Since We Got Back

We came back to New York with a week to go before school started (well doesn't really start til next Monday). We didn't take a single picture but we had a good week of working around the house, a trip to Palmyra and the farmer's market.

I am starting to feel anxious about the coming baby and the million things I feel like I need to get done around here. I am feeling excited at the same time. It's so unreal- another baby...a less than two months. I am so much more uncomfortable this time and it is causing me to want to sit on the couch with my feet up more often. I spend a lot of time torn between my desire to sit and try to take a deep breath and my desire to get my list of things done...where has the time gone?

I can't believe that Tyler is starting his fourth year of dental school the time has flown by so fast. I have mixed feelings about this year. In some ways I am so excited to be moving on with our lives, but at the same time I love it here and am so comfortable here I can not imagine leaving. I think I will be more excited when we know what we are going to do after this year. Right now it feels like 9 months and counting...then what?!!! I am a planner so not knowing is hard for me. I have faith that things will work out for us and high hopes that this year will be another great year in Buffalo.

The boys are settling back into being home. They were excited to see all of their things still here and have enjoyed so much having Tyler around. We really had a great summer this year. We did a lot, trips, things around here. We really didn't waste much of our time. The boys only watched one movie a week and sometimes not even that. They are growing and changing so much. Garret got so brave in the water this year, he does more chores around the house, he plays with Spencer better everyday and he is very entertaining still. He says some of the funniest things. Spencer has joined in on the comedy around here. He always says "yes" or "no" after a sentence depending on if he wants to do something or not. For example "I love you, yes" or "Me go night night, no". Recently he switched from yes to "oh yeah" so now we hear things like "me like popcorn, oh yeah" or "me need to go potty, oh yeah". We had the greatest summer just being together and making each other smile.

Here's to another year!!!


Anna and Marc said...

its about time you updated this thing. We sure had fun seeing you and your family this summer. I hope that our kids grow up enjoying their cousins, we cant wait for you to move closer.

brent and kashann said...

I know exactly how you feel -excited, but whatever is next, but still thinking that life is pretty good right here. Good luck with the next 2 months. So happy you are having a girl!

Alicia said...

What an awesome trip!! Glad to have you back on the East Coast, thought. ;)

You look great, by the way! I can't believe you're having a baby girl soon, either! I'm so excited for you - and I say that when you get the choice to breathe or get stuff done - BREATHE. I swear, everytime I'm pregnant everything seems like such an *emergency*, and then once I'm not pregnant anymore I realize I was freaking out over nothing the whole time. =) Probably it won't matter that I just said that anyway because when you're just gotta do what you gotta do...and sometimes that means get your list of things done. ;)

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again (probably on every comment forevermore) have the most adorable kids!!