Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This n That

-I am feeling extremely huge so I busted out the measuring tape and sure enough I am extremely huge. With both of my boys I was 44 inches around right before delivery. Well with six weeks to go I am 43 inches around. It is probably due to the enormous amounts of ice cream I have been eating this time or maybe it's all that fluid they talked about- either way- I don't like it.

-Spike Long Tail has entered his cocoon and although he was quite shook up today we are crossing our fingers he will come out a moth.

-We got our car seat and are really starting to prepare for baby three. I am trying to figure out what I need, get mentally ready for three and enjoy my time with just the boys before she comes.

-Spencer and Garret were eating Popsicles outside today and they kept setting their Popsicles down on the ground wiping their hands off then picking them up and eating them again, I thought it was so funny how counterproductive their cleanliness was.

-Spencer has started saying prayers without much help. He is super cute. He says basically the same thing every night. My favorite part is when he says "Thank you for MY Garret". He is so in love with his big brother it totally melts my heart. When they are in different rooms we often here Spencer saying things like "Garret, I'm in the bedroom". When he wakes up from his nap (they nap in different rooms) we hear "Where's my Garret?" or "I miss Garret". They fight more than I would like but overall they are best friends and they really look out for each other.


Rachel said...

They were so cute together when I watched them today!

Stephanie said...

I just love those boys. They really are cute together. I bet the are supper excited for their little sister.

Garth, Melissa and Hugh Porter said...

Watching your family is why I'm excited about having 2 boys. I hope Hugh is a good big bro like Garret. I might take you up on your offer to watch Hugh...we can swap for dr apts. Hugh needs to be toughened up a little by playing with some bigger boys, he's a bit of a weenie.

Alicia said...

Big or not, I'm sure you look really cute!

Ok, and please, please say my little boys are as in love with each other as yours are! That is so cute!