Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After Colorado we headed to Washington. We spent the first couple days visiting dental practices and a dental residency. We learned from our visits but didn't really walk away knowing what we were going to do after graduation, it was only semi-productive. My parents and sister (she surprised my by being there when we got there!!!) watch the kids for us while we were away.

The first day we were gone my Dad took Garret with him to a church boating event and Leah took Spencer for a walk to the beach. They both had a great time. Apparently Spencer was pretty tired by the time they were heading back and he refused to walk so she had to carry him the whole way back as he screamed. Hopefully she counted that as her workout for the day. Growing up we went to "the beach" all the time. It is just around the block from us. It is so fun watching my kids enjoy the same place that we loved as kids.

The first day we were there Garret saw my brother's dog out the window and got so excited. He ran to tell everyone that there was a "deer". I told him it was a dog. He then ran through the house telling everyone "there's a dog, a lost dog". He thought we had hit the jackpot.
A family from my parent's ward has a lake house and boat. They let us come and play there one night. Garret has been looking forward to the "motor boat" all year (he went last year and the year before). Spencer went for the first time this year. They both loved it and held their little thumbs up the entire time saying "faster, faster". (actually Spencer held up his pointer fingers but he meant the same thing by it).

The weather was hot while we were there so the boys played in the water a lot.

The residency we looked at was in Yakima so we brought back my sister Anna and her kids with us. The next day was the stat of "Grandpa Camp". All the kids had so much fun. They got matching shirts, made a camp wave and then started into the two days of activities.
They started off with Grandpa pancakes (one of the foods I remember my Dad making growing up- although we did not call them Grandpa pancakes then).

Here are the kids (except one of the twins) giving Grandpa big hugs.

They spent the first morning in the woods and in the cabin. Then the older kids went to the wood shop and made all the little kids "hee-haws" to ride on.
One afternoon when it was miserably hot they went down to the beach. The kids were so funny, they were just wading in a little trying to stay dry but pretty soon they were all splashing around enjoying the cool water.

The older kids slept in the cabin with Grandpa. They told wild stories and kept each other up.
The slip n' slide was a tons of fun. They even wrestled Grandpa on it.

There was also a great water fight (it was a different time than the slip n' slide). The twins were so funny. They would walk up to people and politely ask them to hold still. then they would try to dump water on them. Spencer decided he didn't want to water fight and so he sat in a chair and watched. At the end of the day he said it was his favorite part of the day- it was pretty entertaining.

Naomi was the littlest camper there. It's hard to imagine what camp will be like in a couple years- it was pretty rambunctious this year!

Thursday morning the older kids went out in the row boat. Tyler and Leah went in the kayaks. Anna, Mom and I took the little kids and did fun stuff with just them. The older kids rowed around Hope Island. They got to see sharks and a seal and even though Garret was a bit on the overtired side he said it was a great adventure.

The kids were pretty brave on the tree swing this year. Garret and Spencer both held on tight and went super high.

Since we have been home the moment Garret has talked about the most has been shooting the BB gun. Sometimes I wonder if it is good to expose him to such things but he loved it and we have drilled it in pretty hard that guns are not toys and not to even pretend shoot at people. He loved it!

The last night of Grandpa camp we went to my Grandpa Becks house and he made us dutch oven cooking (amazing) and then the kids put on a little play for us and did a little talent show. The kids had such a great time and already talk about what they hope to do next year.
Dan and Heather were nice enough to have us over one night. The boys had fun wrestling Dan and the dog. (Just so everyone knows---Heather is pregnant!!! We are so excited)

Uncle Dan won the boys hearts for sure when he set up the tent for them to sleep in!
The last day in Washington my good friend Nichole came over with her boys. My boys loved their "new friend". We spent the morning getting sprayed by clams and throwing rocks in the water!

We had such a great trip, we loved seeing our families and relaxing. Thanks everyone for making it such a great time for us. ( I hate getting this far behind- I feel like I missed so many of the great moments from our trip---the most important thing it was fun)


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Aaron & I both had those white plates with the green flower border growing up!

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Love seeing the pictures and reading your stories. What a wonderful family.