Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just the Four of Us

We only have a few days left of just Tyler and I and the boys. We spent the day having fun with our boys. We started off by going to the free class at Lowe's. They loved it. They built fire engines and then afterwards they got to see a real fire engine. We could have stopped right there and it would have been "the greatest day".

We headed to the pumpkin farm after Lowe's. This is another of their favorite places. They talk about it all year long.
They love all the pumpkins, the playground, the animals, the face painting, the jugglers, the hayride, the "boo barn" (Spencer said he wasn't scared but he had his head buried in Tyler's shoulder) and of course the PIE EATING. Garret ended up not doing it last year and regretted his decision all year. This year he was determined.

Spencer could barely reach the table but did a very good job of following the rules- NO HANDS.

He only got a bite or two in but was very proud of himself and loved the bat necklace they gave him for participating.
Garret on the other hand really went for it and I think he probably was the fastest 3 year old (almost 4 year old) that was in the contest.

I didn't get a picture of Tyler this time. He debated doing it. He hadn't been feeling well, but he wanted to do it so he did. He only made it to 10 pieces this year and finished 4th. I guess it was time to pass the title anyway.
The pumpkin patch will be sorely missed by us when we are gone. Hopefully we will find fun family traditions wherever we move.
This weekend is a 3 day weekend and hopefully will be one filled with lots of family fun. We will have to get out a lot because there is a good chance we will be hanging out at home for the next little while.


Lindsey Phillips said...

You guys are so cute!!! I love you guys!

Water Buffalo said...

so fun! I just realized the title of your blog is going to be changing soon! :)

kristenita said...

Fun times. I didn't realize the great pumpkin patch was already open. I guess it really IS fall!
My C would have loved the fire engine thing (slightly obsessed) I really need to find out about those lowe's/home depot classes!

Debbie said...

Those boys of yours are sure cute !!! I can't wait to see everyone !! (-:

Love, Mom

Tia Saxton said...

It sounds like you guys have had an exciting month! Good luck Rachel! I hope everything goes really smoothly for you this time! Good Job spence and garret on the pie eating contest. You must take after your tia tia on that one. I taught your dad everything he knows about pie eating contests..:) Miss you guys, maybe we'll see you soon if Michael gets a interview there. Kisses and Hugs

Debbie said...

Oh what cute pictures, & it looks like you had so much fun...
Love to all,
Grandma & Grandpa