Monday, September 14, 2009

The Most Exciting Day Ever

Garret gets excited pretty easily. When he first heard about the primary activity he was SO excited. He brought home a little flier and asked me to read it to him several times a day. It said there would be a race so he practiced all week. Everyday he asked me when "the big race" was. He is great though because anyone around him can't help but be a little excited too- just because he is. Here he is waiting for the three legged race to start.
Spencer joined in too. I don't know how they didn't fall over.

There was a cake walk- They picked the messiest (but yummy) cupcakes.

Garret thought the relay race was tons of fun.

Who doesn't love doughnuts on a string?
Garret was not disappointed in the activity. On the way home he said it was "the best day ever". Anything exciting becomes the "best ever"- sure makes us feel good!
Onto other things-
We had some friends over for dinner last night and Tyler made the most amazing meal. I really am a little spoiled.
Spencer has become a puzzle machine. He seriously amazes me. He can do 25 piece puzzles all by himself and will do them over and over. He loves them. I never even thought of letting Garret try them at Spencer's age because they say they are for 3+ or 4+ on them. It is fun watching him put them together, you can see his little brain working as he turns pieces around and fits them in.
Garret and Spencer are both getting so excited for their baby sister. You would think Christmas was coming up. All day I hear "but I can't wait" and what their plans are for her. They also have taken up talking to her quite often.
I have decided that the baby should come two weeks early. Tyler has Yom Kippur off and its a three day weekend. So if anyone knows the secret to an early delivery let me know.


Leah and Joe said...

Looks like a fun activity! We are all excited for their baby sister to come! Mom knows a few tricks....

Debbie said...

So glad the boys were so excited about their Primary activity & it looks like they had lots of fun... Love to see their cute faces!!!
Just a little trivia about their Daddy, he loved puzzles too & we were all amazed as he put 25 piece puzzles together before he was 2 years old, remember Grandma Joyce's puzzles Tyler???
Love to all, Grandma & Grandpa