Friday, September 18, 2009

Playing in the "Woods"

We have some tall weeds behind our garage that the boys call "the woods". They decided to build a fort in the woods. They worked on it for such a long time- literally hours. Garret was bossing Spencer around telling him to find sticks and leaves and Spencer was having a great time doing what he was told. Then they played in it for such a long time. They wanted to sleep in their "house" and were quite disappointed when I told them they couldn't. It was so fun watching them work together. I was such a tomboy and loved playing in my parents "woods" (they had a lot more of it then we do). Someday I hope we have a little more property for the boys to roam around and have adventures in.


Debbie said...

You did love the "woods" didn't you. I guess that is where the boys get it from. I hope they always have fun together.

Love, MOm

Kennon said...

We had some "woods" like this at our old house in our orchard right next to us and I remember one night the girls wanted to sleep out there. The next day the hired man came by and mowed them up. They were so mad that it was gone. It brought back a great memory. I love little kids.
This is kashann

Anthony and Kristie said...

How fun, your boys are so creative. Don't you just love to sit and watch your kids come up with ideas and carry them out all by themselves?

Alicia said...

Awww, how cute! Funny, I have similar memories of playing in the woods behind my house...we must have grown up close to each other. ;) Really, those were some of my BEST childhood memories. Your boys are so adorable!