Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baths, Naps and Cowboys

Adele took a quick bath with the boys the other day. They thought that was so exciting. For months they have been talking about where she would fit in the tub! Our little lady doesn't like being swaddled. This is foreign territory for us (the boys were swaddled like burritos for months). This girl is in desperate need of a schedule but it's hard to commit to it so she gets spoiled often and held a lot.
She was not a very happy cowgirl tonight (we had the ward Halloween party), then she was a sleeping cowgirl (not sure which I like better since her late nap means she is still up- it's 9:30).

The boys have been anxious to wear their costumes ever since I picked them up after Halloween last year. They loved them!!!

We took two of our neighbor kids with us tonight (it was a full time job just keeping an eye on them all- Not sure I could ever manage that many).
We had to have a picture of Daddy and his girl!!!


Leah and Joe said...

Look at those cute little cowboys, and girl!! YEE-HAW!!

Debbie said...

They all look so cute. What a fun time it looks like everyone is having. You really have an exceptional family. (-:

Love, Mom

Stephanie said...

Those little cowboys are so cute. I love the mad Adele picture. She really is cute too.

Sarah said...

so cute! I haven't swaddled either of my babies...they hate it as well. You'll get on a schedule soon enough..for now I say spoil away...soon enough she won't be a baby!

Next week we'll plan on stopping by to play!

Water Buffalo said...

you are superwoman Rachel! May I say you look fantastic also. You really should not look that fabulous yet...hahaha

Marianne Thayne said...

That looks like so much fun. A great group picture and I love the cowboy/cowgirl theme! Just missed seeing the adult costumes.

Debbie said...

Oh what cute little cowboys & cowgirl you have... This is a fun time for kids with the parties & trick or treating... I agree, spoil away as they grow up to fast!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!!
Lots of Love, from all your family in snowy Colorado

The Bennett Family Blog said...

What a gorgeous family you have. YEE-HAW! Wesley was only 8#7oz at his one month check up! You deserve a medal for giving birth to such a big baby! She is really beautiful. Have fun : )

Tia Saxton said...

How cute! I love how the boys' costumes come with horses! Wish Evie could go trick or treating with them! Happy Halloween!