Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Preview

I know it is Halloween today but I have been working on Christmas the past few weeks. I am a planner, it's like I can't help it- I buy my kids clothes for a year or two in advance, I buy Halloween costumes the year before when they are on sale, I have had some Christmas presents put away since last January when they were on sale after Christmas- I should have been a boy scout- "Be Prepared". (Disclaimer- there are still way to many things I should plan/prepare for better that I don't!)

Anyway I have gotten a few projects done lately (most I can't put pictures of because they are for people that might look at this). Recently, I made matching jammies for the kids for Christmas Eve and this road blanket. Our Christmas is going to be a little different this year. We are doing Christmas just like normal on the 23 and 24 (Our kids won't know). Then the 25th we are flying to spend a week with Tyler's family. I think it is going to work out great. We will get to do our family traditions here and have our special Christmas morning together and still get to spend part of the holiday with family. Plus we won't have to bring all of the kids Christmas with us!

Back to my Road blanket- I wanted to make a blanket they could use as a backdrop for their toys. I kept thinking of all these things I could put on it to make it looks so cute but in the end I wanted it to be really simple so that one day it could be the backdrop for a zoo and the next for a farm or racetrack or whatever they wanted. I kept looking at the road rugs and such at the store but they were always so busy I decided to attempt to make one. There are things I would do different if I were to make it again but I think the kids will enjoy it. I wanted to put something on the back so I ended up doing islands. I thought they might have fun using boats on the back or the water animals.
It was a fun little project to work on. I love Christmas and love thinking all year how I can make it special. I don't expect the kids to jump for joy over this present but I think they will enjoy it. I think the kids are going to have a hard time waiting for Christmas this year. They already talk about it all the time. Christmas with kids is the best!!!


Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

You are awesome Rachel! Teach me your tricks! This "Road blanket is great... any kid would love it!

Leah and Joe said...

It turned out really good! Joe wishes he would have had one as a kid!