Monday, October 12, 2009

A new kind of normal

Our days don't really have any set schedule at the moment. I hope they do soon but for now we just kind of go without a plan. My Mom has been here and is here for a little longer. We haven't left the house much so this morning we went to Chuck E Cheese and used Garret's free birthday tokens. (My Mom picked the right case on Deal or No Deal!) Then we took Adele to the Doctor to be weighed. She is doing very well almost back to her birth weight. Adele gets smothered all day long by her brothers. I think she is pretty lucky. Spencer still won't call her her name. If we ask him the baby's name he says either Baby sister or I don't know. He loves her though and always seems very concerned if she is crying.

Garret (and Spencer) have been a little crazy lately but they have their super helper moments. One of Garret's jobs is to vacuum the living room- he loves it. He has also been helping get diapers and take them to the garbage.
If Garret had his way he would hold his sister all day long. He seriously can't get enough of her. Today while he held her I heard him say in a cute little voice "I just love you little cutie pie".
He "snuggled" her on the couch for a long time. He just can't get enough of her.
We had our first family home evening with all of us. We decorated a haunted house. (check out our scared faces). It was busier than normal but fun.

I keep waiting for the days to feel normal but I guess I don't really know what normal with three kids feels like. For now I guess we will just take things as they come.


Debbie said...

Looks like lots of love from big brothers, oh they are all so sweet... Just love all the pics...

The Bennett Family Blog said...

congrats! She is gorgeous just like your boys. You are a champion, rachel! SHe was a big baby! I love all the pics of her and her bros! I'm thinking they will be just a bit protective of their little sis! Have fun and love to you and the family!

Rachel said...

You are just the best. I love your attitude about life and change, and I really admire you. I really do. This post brought tears to my eyes. You are raising such a great family.

Alicia said...

I can't believe you are having actual crafty Family Home Evenings already - I can't even pull that off with 2 kids!

Hang in there! It looks like you are doing so much already - I'm just amazed.

My sister-in-law who happens to have *9* kids (seriously!) says that 3 kids was harder than 6, no joke. So my hat is off to you!! Way to go - I'm sure normal will come, one minute at a time.

You look great, by the way!!

Warner's said...

What a beautiful baby girl and the name...oh the name. I love that name! You all looks so cute and happy! I so badly want to see you and your family again.