Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everythings better when we're together!

Once the festivities were over it was just time to play. We had our day of shopping and recovering from too much Turkey. Then we started playing! We went to Chuck E Cheese (the kids love this place, they even ask Tyler to sing them the Chuck E Cheese song at bed time). I'm pretty sure that the adults had as much fun as the kids! Tyler couldn't come though because he had to study, he takes his next set of boards this coming week. He has been very diligent in his studying but an extra prayer or two on his behalf couldn't hurt! It would have been more fun having him there but we still had a great time. Even the babies seemed to enjoy the lights and noise at Chuck E Cheese.

That evening Stephanie and Hector had the great idea of making holiday houses. Garret made this festive helicopter!
Spence and I made a holiday train.

Hectors was an elf house and Stephanie made a traditional house!!! Pretty sure my kids ate a pound of candy each and loved every drop of it.

We had fun playing games after and chatting together.
Today we got to dress up the girls for church (always fun). These two are just four months apart.

We love our girls.
The whole weekend was great. We love having company. We are so grateful for our families and the great time we had being together. We can't wait til next time.


Debbie said...

It does sound like everyone had a great time. I would loved to have been there.

Love, Mom

Water Buffalo said...

could your girls be any cuter:)