Friday, November 6, 2009

One Month

Adele- Adele is one month old today- We love her!!! She is so fun. She loves, loves, loves to be held and lucky for her we all love holding her. She is starting to smile. Just little ones but it's so cute. She is adored by all! I was so worried about going out with three but it hasn't been bad at all- so the little lady gets out quite a bit. She has a lovely case of baby acne right now. She also has the strongest neck I have seen on a one month old. Even the doctor was amazed. She can also push herself up quite a bit when on her tummy. It's pretty cute but it makes me nervous. I was kind of hoping for a slow mover (it could still happen). She likes her swing, some of the time. She takes a pacifier, she is a good nurser. She enjoys her baths and likes sneaking in the shower with us. She sleeps in her bed- sometimes. She is in size two diapers and growing like a weed. After one month with Adele we are all convinced we got the cutest little lady ever!

Spencer- Spencer has lost his "baby" title and seems to be adjusting pretty well. He throws more tantrums now then he used to but nothing to major. He has always been a bit feisty. I think it will serve him well later in life. He has become quite the character. He says the funniest things. For example-

He got some "scary" teeth at the ward party. He puts them in and shows Adele. Then immediately takes them out and says "don't cry sweetie pie, they are just pretend".

When we walk by the halloween section at Target he says "be brave baby sister- it's just pretend".

When asked what he is going to grow up and be he usually says "I grow up be a Daddy, Adele be a Mommy". The other day just to throw us off he said "I grow up be a bad guy"- not sure where that came from.

He woke up the other day and said "I dream a bad dream about Grandpa and a BIG bear".

When I ask him how long he will love me he says "forever and ever", today he said "for two days".

I need to record his funny things more- he really is a character- Spencer is great!!!

Garret- Garret has been the big brother of two for a month now and he loves it. He would hold Adele all day if I would let him. He thinks he can do everything for her (and in general) by himself. It's cute (most of the time) except when he says "I can do whatever I want...". He gets cabin fever easy when we stay at home. He has been practicing writing a lot and is getting pretty good at writing his letters. He wants to read so bad. He has a great little memory and is always reminding me of things that happened a couple years ago. He has big plans for the future. He has a little bit of my sentimental side and already talks about the move and the things he is going to miss. He is just getting so big. He is a gem and even on the days when I want to scream at him if I hear "what do you want to do now" again, I just can't get enough of him.

Tyler and I- We have been parents of three for a month now and definitely have moments of "what have we done" but overall we love it. We have both been pretty chiller this time around. The crying and poop and lack of sleep are taken more in stride and mostly we just look at our kids and think "why does it have to go by so fast". We find ourselves singing songs like "just another day in paradise" a lot. There is always noise and someone needing something. But there are a million fun little, sweet moments that are worth it all. Plus we know there will be a day in the future when they won't want to be held and rocked and wrestled and talked to anymore or at least not as often. When I start to feel overwhelmed I try to remember that I only get this day with them once.

After a month I think we are all just glad we have each other and I know a night doesn't go by that I don't thank my Father in Heaven for the blessing this crazy family is.


kandis said...

I can't believe it's been a month already! But then again it seems like she's been part of your family forever! She's a doll and your boys say the funniest things!

Marianne Thayne said...

How fast time flies. Your words are beautiful and so true...soon,way to fast and too soon they will be big and bringing their babies to see you!

cntaharrison said...

I really can't believe she is already a month old! I still think of you as being pregnant over there on the other side of the country, but you have been a mama of three for a whole month. I love the perspective you have, it is really uplifting to read. I miss you guys!

Alicia said...

You have the best attitude, I love it. When Weston was born, I would frequently listen to the song, "It Won't Be Like This for Long" and I would always get emotional - it a blessing and a curse that they grow up. Mostly a curse. =)
My kids get really bad acne, by the way, people are like, "oh a baby!" and then they peek at their face and their like, "OH! Wow, um...he's so...cute?!" Gotta love that!
Also, I LOVE the bit about Spencer comforting his little sister - isn't it cute how at such a young age he already wants to be the protector?

Anonymous said...

Rachel! hey i can't believe you have 3!!! Wow congrats on the little girl, she is beautiful!!! i am needing your e-mail i have some questions about financial aid!! i didn't know how else to get a hold of you other then this!!! So if you could e-mail some info to me at about financial aid, austen is going to go to school full time next semester so 5 classes but we are trying to figure out how to live as well! Anyways can't wait to hear from you! You guys look great!!