Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

We started off our weekend Friday night with a quick date. Kandis was good enough to watch our kids while Tyler and I snuck away for a couple hours. We really didn't do much but we enjoyed being together.

Then Saturday was Halloween. We had already done the church party and the boys dressed up to visited our friends Rick and Cindy on Thursday so we kept it pretty low key. We had a spooky dinner ( I didn't get a good picture of the drink but it had large tapioca and food coloring in it and looked pretty spooky!)
After our dinner we lit candles and read a bunch of Halloween books from the library. The kids thought it was a great night.

In these pictures our cute little Adele gave her mom and dad just a glimpse of what could be her temperamental nature as far as fashion goes, but doesn't she look soooooo adorable.

We were well over an hour early for church- we didn't remember it was day light savings time- WHOOPS!!!
After Church and naps we went for a lovely fall walk around Forest Lawn Cemetery. It's so pretty there with bridges, water and beautiful monuments and fall leaves of course! It might sound weird to walk around the cemetery but we all enjoyed it. It was crazy thinking about all the people that had lived and passed on already. They all had lives of their own and families and goals just like us. I wonder what they would think of our world today. I love history and thinking about all of their lives and how in an indirect way they influence us.
Garret wanted to be the photographer and had fun taking a few pictures himself.

There are a lot of significant memorials at the cemetery. This statue in the lake was a small girl and was a memorial to children that passed. I can handle the idea of all the adult deaths but I hate thinking about children dying.
It was a great fall Sunday afternoon. The whole weekend was nice. Time for another week.


Marianne Thayne said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I am glad to see you teach your kids about those past--it does give a different appreciation. I always think about the parents who lost the little ones.

Water Buffalo said...

I like your hot dog mummies:) you guys always look like you are doing something fun. You are giving your children great memories! Adele is a beautiful little girl!