Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009

I don't even know where to start. Today was a fabulous day. The anticipation leading up to it was great. The night before was so great. It was really one of those days you treasure and look back on during the crazy days. I'll try to sum it up-

Garret woke up at 4:30. He asked if he could get up yet. We told him no and believe it or not he fell back asleep. They woke up again a little before seven. We stalled for a bit til Adele woke up. Then we let them go in the living room and look at their stockings. We wrap everything and just tell the kids its from us except for what fits in the stockings. The stockings had some pretty fun stuff in them but just little stuff. You would have thought we had given them the world though. Spencer was adorable. He ran to his stocking saw two candy canes hanging over the top. Grabs them and says "Look Candy canes, one for me and one for Mommy". He was ready to sit down and eat them then and there. We had to keep encouraging him to look and see what else there was. He would pull out one more thing get super excited and start playing with it. We were in no big rush but I think if we hadn't encouraged him he would still be going through things. Garret loved it all too. Adele had her first Christmas today. She really was very happy throughout the whole morning. She didn't care too much (obviously) but she always loves watching everyone. She is a great little gift to us!
After the stockings we ate our breakfast of orange rolls. Now that we have done it multiple years we can call it a tradition. I think we will continue it every year. Someday Ill perfect it! This year my rolls raised a little more than I expected but they tasted great.
Then it was time to open gifts. We told Garret to pick one to be opened first. He thought a minute then picked this airplane he made for Spencer. He has not done a very good job of keeping it a secret from Spencer, but Spencer must not have been paying attention to the multiple slip-ups Garret had, or else he fooled us all. He was so excited about it.

Garret had a lot of fun "making" presents for everyone. Here is Tyler with his "necklace/bell/color whenever you want" present. Garret just about burst with pride when he gave it to him. Tyler loved it of course and wore it around the house.

All the present were a big hit for the boys. It was great watching their faces, hearing them thank each other (enthusiastically), and seeing them get so excited about little things. I think the opening presents part is pretty fun, plus we don't like giving the kids a lot of "stuff" for no reason, so when I find a good deal I just put it away (it makes shopping trips hard if they think they get something and it makes days like Christmas more fun if they aren't used to getting tons), so on top of gifts I wrapped up new clothes/shoes, paper, and other things they needed. I thought there was a chance they would moan and grown about those gifts- I was so wrong. Every gift was so exciting. It really was fun!
Tyler spoiled me as well. He got me my first ever heels (it could be interesting- I guess I am all grown up now), new books to read, movies to watch, warm sheets for our bed....but my favorite gift is the one in the picture (If I didn't love the gift I would not include this picture- I don't really like the pic). Anyway he took pictures of us and then sewed them onto a piece of matting. Zoom in to get the full effect. Then he printed "Just another day in Paradise" across the top. When our house feels like the zoo we always start singing that song. I LOVE it!!!!
I had fun shopping for him as well. I got him a bunch of little presents this year- books, movies, flashlight, workout things etc. I also found a toy car that was the year and color of his Grandpas. It was fun giving him that. The boys also made him a picture book with things they loved about him. I think he enjoyed it all.
Here is little Dels with her second ever baby doll (her first is one of my old ones). I am pretty sure she loved it!

We got a couple new games and already have had fun playing them together. Spencer got Garret operation. When I was in the kitchen later on I heard Garret say "Thank you for getting me this game Spencer, it looks really fun". Why can't they always be so sweet.

After Halloween I picked up a couple costumes to add to the dress up box. The boys got these "inja" costumes. They put them on and wore them most of the day. They kept saying "ka-pow" and "Hi-yah". They were a hit. I think they are two pretty cute ninjas.
I could go on and on about the boys fun reactions to presents. Garret had been looking forward to opening one particularly big present. When it was time to open it he was visibly disappointed to find clothes. He just smiled and said "oh clothes, I already have clothes....Thank you Mom and Dad" and politely set it aside. We made it last as long as possible. We had them stop and clean up, stop and call people- it went til after nine. Then we played for a while, took naps and then got ready for our annual Christmas movie. The kids wore some new clothes. Adele's little noggin is finally fitting in the cute hat her Aunt Tia made. She wore it out today and looks just darling.

Spencer wore his hat as well!!! We saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". It was fun going out with the boys and the movie was alright.
Then home again for more playing.
Then the day ended (all to soon). It was a very fun and special day. It felt like the whole day was full of laughter, smiles and special time together. I love Christmas...ours came early this year- and it was wonderful. I hope that every one's Christmas is a wonderful fun filled day. We are off to Colorado on Friday- let's all pray for good weather! Merry Christmas!!!


Debbie said...

Rachel, you and Tyler are the best parents to make everything so fun, and you have the cutest kids ever. What a wonderful day for everyone.

Merry Christmas, Love, Mom

P.S. Adele looks like such a big girl in that hat.

Leah and Joe said...

We loved all the pictures and stories from your Christmas Day. Looks like it was a perfect day. We love you, and are so excited to see your cute kids in a few months!!
Leah, Joe and Naomi

Debbie said...

Loved seeing all the pictures & hearing all the stories of your fun Christmas day in Buffalo...
It sounds like from talking to Tyler that there were some sentimental, emotional times for him too, that's what Christmas is all about...
Can't wait to see everyone...
Love, Grandpa & Grandma

aaron said...

merry Christmas!!! sounds like you guys had so much fun.

have so much fun in Colorado - sounds like they got a ton of snow for it to feel REALLY Christmassy.

aaron said...

oops. this is really Kristen.

Marianne Thayne said...

You made me feel like I had been there! Those outfits were cute. What a fun time. I miss all the little kid joys. What fun. You are an awesome mom and from the wonderful things you right about Tyler, he is super thoughtful and caring! What a great family.