Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve

Tonight is our Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful dinner of Ham, potatoes, rolls, veggies- followed by dessert. Our friend Dave joined us. It was nice having company and he even brought a couple gifts that everyone loved. I think the best part might have been the giant box he used to wrap one of the gifts. The boys were anxious to play in it!

Like usual the kids got matching jammies. When Garret opened his he said "Thanks Mom, you are the greatest Mom in the whole world"- I guess he liked them. I think that all three were pretty cute little pirates.

We watched the nativity video and read from Luke. Then rushed them off to bed. They were so cute trying to go to sleep fast. Tyler walked by their door and said "ho ho ho". He said they giggled and he heard Garret say "did you hear that Spencer- he's here". I can hardly wait til tomorrow morning!!!

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Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas... I hope you have a great second Christmas with your family! You guys are too sweet... thanks for the gift! Fly safely!