Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Night

-Adele slept for 9 hours, she just gets better and better every night!!!

-Two years ago we lost a library DVD and it was found last night. So our DVD player fizzled out and we knew one of the kids movies was in it so we took it apart to get that out (we didn't want to throw it away with the DVD player) while we took it apart we found somehow stuck inside the movie we lost two years ago. I don't know how Garret got it in there (it was in a weird place) and I don't know how the machine continued working as long as it did.

-Our tub drain got completely clogged (like it didn't drain all day) we had some flashbacks from my Dad's last visit! Tyler got the snake out and started working on it. He snaked a while and then finally tried going the other way closer to the tub. In the end he pulled out what I thought was a rat (seriously I screamed and asked how a rat got in the drain), it wasn't a rat but it was the largest nastiest hairball ever. (This story was included for Tyler and my sake- it was memorable, it was that large. And as a warning to all- get something to keep the hair from going down your drain, it will save you in the end. And for my Dad how had the great pleasure of cleaning my drain with me before!!!) Just be glad there is no picture- we contemplated it!

-I also got to go out for a bit with my friend Amber...which was fun of course...then I came home to a super clean bathroom (which was the greatest surprise).

All in all I would say it was an eventful night!!!

We are doing our Christmas eve on December 22 so we are starting our 12 days of Christmas tonight. Each day for the next 12 days we are doing an Christmas activity, a story and a scripture. I think it is going to be so fun. I am sure I'll have some pictures and stories to share- I love Christmastime!!!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, you make me remember the last time I cleaned my tub drain...oh wait, you were there. I believe I almost lost my lunch.