Tuesday, December 1, 2009


While Tyler is off taking boards today (he takes them tomorrow and the next day as well- ugh), we went out and enjoyed the first snow of the year. According to my neighbor, Grandma Bates, this is the latest first snow she can remember, she's in her mid-nineties. Anyway, the boys were so excited about the snow. They love wearing their snow clothes and pretending it's winter so the real thing is almost more than they can handle. It was good packing snow so they were able to roll some pretty big snowballs. Adele also went out in the snow but she just chilled in the front carrier. I wish it could be snowy from now til Christmas! After Christmas...that's another story!

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Debbie said...

I thought when you told me that you got snow, that it would just be a little bit of snow, but you got some real snow !!!!!! I bet the kids just loved it.

Love, Mom