Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something to smile about...

-I said something funny to Garret and he laughed...then said "my bum kind of jiggles when I laugh"..."look they really jiggle" (then he stands up, turns around and starts laughing)!!!

-Spencer loves his family and extended family. Often when we are driving or out and about he will randomly say things like "I like Uncle Trenton" or "I like Uncle Dan and Heather". It's pretty cute because we know he is thinking about people.

-Today I gave the boys rags and had them wash the kitchen floor. I left the room to take care of Adele and while I fed her I was serenaded with two very off key voices singing "cleaning the floor is fun to d0, fun to do, to do, to do".

-Garret-"I want to go the library soon"
-Me- "what would you like to get at the library"
-Garret-"books about mice and bears"
-Me-"you want to know about mice and bears"
-Garret- "I want one that shows whats inside of them"
-Me-"whats inside?"
-Garret-"Yeah, Im just really curious about what is inside of animals and people, I just want to know what is in there"

-After Garret got home last night he said "I did a real good thing tonight" ( he did).

-Tyler sings to the boys every night, most nights at least one of them picks the song from Chuck E Cheese.

-Last night I went to check on the boys and Spencer was laying there with his limbs all extended, no blanket and his jammies unzipped all the way.

-All day I get to over hear conversations like this-
Garret- "Spence come play blop blop and octopus with me"
Spencer- "I don't wanna play blop blop and octopus, I wanna play super hero"
Garret-"Ok you be a super hero and I'll be an octopus"
etc. etc. etc.

I could go on and on, they are just so entertaining!

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Alicia said...

Stop it, just STOP IT!! They are too cute, I can't even handle the bum jiggle comment!

Ok, and I owe you a big apology. I'm so sorry for not calling over Thanksgiving. Between the 7 hour drive there and back and 7 kids between us two families, we were just exhausted every day, and I never got further than 30 minutes away when my sister-in-law and I went shopping for just an hour or so. I'm really sorry that I just left things hanging - I really wanted to see you and meet your adorable children! Please forgive me. I hope it works out another time!