Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Garret has been interested in sea animals- octopus mainly. We read some books about them and then went to the aquarium yesterday. It's not a very big or fancy aquarium, but they enjoyed it. Here they are making scared faces-

This was Garret pretending to be a penguin!

The sea lion show was their favorite part.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Take me Out to the Ball Game

Tyler's birthday is on Thursday. About a month ago when we started talking about Tyler's birthday Garret asked if we were going to a baseball game. We went last year and I guess he thinks it's a tradition. We went again tonight and he loved it.

He loved the mascot. At one point he chased after him and the Bison didn't see him coming. He fell on the stairs, got up and kept chasing him. The crowd decided to help him out so they yelled for the Bison to stop...needless to say Garret got to see a lot of the Bison tonight! Here we are together...Not really loving the picture but that's what we get for waiting to take a picture til the end.
Here is Spency eating some and all! Yep, he would pop them in then come and spit the shell in my hand.

Garret and his friend Meghan tried very hard to catch a ball. They might have sore arms tomorrow!
The boys!
We had such a good time getting out, doing something different, enjoying the weather and good friends!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Service week 17

Last week we picked up garbage as a family for earth day. 

This week I am planning to work on a blanket I started  but never finished (we will see if I get it done this week) and Friday is May day (I know most people don't even know what it is- We always gave people flowers on May day) so we might take flowers around to some of our neighbors on Friday.  We have a few neighbors I think would really enjoy a visit and some flowers. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ten Highlights of the Day

1. Sunshine- This was the nicest day of 2009 yet!

2. Yard Work- At the beginning of Spring I am always so motivated to work on the yard. In the last two days the boys and I have mowed the lawn, trimmed the bushes, put down beauty bark, and weeded the garden. I am loving the ages they are at- I can mow the lawn and they stay on the porch the whole time. And they are constantly asking me what their job is (how long will that last?)

3. The Pool- The pool made its first appearance today. The kids played in it for a couple hours and loved it!

4. The water blasters- A while back the boys had a dollar each and I took them to the dollar store. They picked out these "water blasters" and aside from shooting Tyler once haven't used them til today!5. Washing the car- The kids have been so excited to do this with Dad.

6. Washing everything- The kids didn't stop with the car they washed the fence, the garage and Spencer washed the dirt (not sure he made much progress there).

7. The driving range- We took the kids and hit a few balls tonight. The boys thought they were pretty good.
8. Number 1- Spencer peed outside for the first time...he's a pro!

9. Day 5- Today was Spencer's fifth day in underwear! His tally so far is 4 accidents and two accident free days! I am hoping we are on the home stretch.
10. Bed Time- After a day in the sun...what could be better!
One moment that I am sure Garret would not call a highlight was when I let him watch The Little Mermaid for a minute. He had never seen it and had wanted to so we got it at the library. He made it til Ursula ate the worm thingy. The little critters eyes bug out as she plops him in. Garret ran turned the TV off, buried his head in my shoulder and cried. He kept saying "I never want to watch that bad movie again, I don't like that bad scary lady". He even had a bad dream about her after he went to bed. Poor sensitive boy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The perks of being pregnant

I must admit I forget I am pregnant most of the time (I usually just think...I am getting so FAT) but there are a few really great things about being pregnant:

-I never clean the bathroom when I am pregnant (I don't very often when I am not pregnant), Tyler just takes this over (as well as numerous other jobs).

-When I am at a get together where there is really yummy food I feel no shame in going back for seconds (normally I try to steer clear of this)

-After I eat a lot I just stick my belly out and don't even attempt to suck it in (it doesn't exactly go in even if I were to try)

-Garret kisses my belly and says "Hi baby", then Spencer things that is a good idea and joins in.

-Whenever Tyler cooks or we go out he always asks "what do you feel like eating" and even if I can't decide he is very concerned with me liking it!

-Most mornings Tyler gets up at least a few minutes before me and sometimes he starts breakfast (normally my job) or gets the kids up...and no one makes me feel bad about it. Sometimes I hear Tyler telling the boys something about Mommy being really tired.

-I get way more back rubs then normal (granted my back hurts much worse as well).

-I get to have a special relationship with my baby that is special to me alone.

-I get to think of baby names and about baby things again (this also has many downsides but usually its a fun perk).

-Most anything I do can be blamed on the baby (sorry baby)!

-No one thinks its strange if I am extra emotional (that's another good/bad thing!)

Those are a few of the fun parts of being pregnant. I think I'll save the list of complaints for another day (luckily I am second trimester so the list is shorter than it would have been a few weeks ago!)

Happy Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth day. I told the kids what it was about and then when Tyler got home we walked around the block and picked up trash. I thought I might have to talk them into doing it but they LOVED it. Every time Garret picked up a piece he said "some people don't take good care of the earth". We had to force him to quite when we were all getting wet and cold from the rain. When we got home he said "I liked cleaning up the whole earth". He woke up this morning asking if we could take care of the Earth again. I wonder if in ten years he will be so anxious to get involved...I hope so!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cross your Fingers

Spencer likes the potty so we figured we would give it a try. Day one went pretty well, only one accident, no accident last night and now we are on to day two....wish us luck! (There is a fairly good chance this will end up just being a trial run...either way he looks pretty cute in his undies!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Service Week 16

Last week went to the Ronald McDonald house with some friends. I was a little more prepared this time and all the kids worked together to make cookies. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

This week is Earth Day so I think we will do something for that. I am not sure what yet. I will include my kids somehow so if anyone wants to join us just let me know.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A little getaway

April 30th is Tyler and my fifth anniversary (a mushy-I love Tyler post to come soon). We tossed around ideas of what to do for a while and couldn't decide. Then our friends offered to watch our kids for a couple nights if we would watch theirs next month. We took them up on it. We couldn't go on our actual anniversary because of Tyler's school. We celebrated a couple weeks early! We would have loved to go somewhere faraway and excited but in the end we went to Canadaigua and Rochester- and had a great time! We stayed the first night at a bed and breakfast in Canadaigua. We were really excited for this. It really wasn't that cool. It was a nice house and nice room but not worth the money. About five in the morning we started hearing what sounded like a mouse. We both laid away listening to it and finally Tyler turned the lights one. We never actually saw it. I told Tyler he should tell the owner because they should at least know so they can fix the problem. She thanked us and said it was probably a squirrel that they have problems with squirrels (that would have been nice to know before we booked our room). That was our first night....except I forgot to mention that we ate at an Italian restaurant and Tyler ordered Portabella mushroom soup and He thought it was one of the greatest things ever!!!

The next morning we hurried off to the temple, only to discover that I had looked at the summer schedule not the winter one and it was closed.
So we strolled through the Sacred Grove and came back to the Temple and did sealings the next day.

We headed to Rochester early and decided to tour the George Eastman house (he created Kodak). The mansion was beautiful and there was a museum attached all about photography and film, which was also interesting. I loved the library...of course.

This George Eastman guy was quite the man. He shot this elephant (back when it was legal), I think in his sixties or seventies. He loved adventurous things. He was really interesting. I think I would have enjoyed meeting him. He was a multimillionaire who seemed like a really good guy. He had a free dental clinic, donated over 100 million dollars (almost all anonymously), hosted free concerts etc. He seemed like he might have been kind of an eccentric old guy. He had his house cut in half and nine feet added in the middle because the conservatory was too square. Anyway it was a fascinating tour.

This picture is for my Dad. The dining room was hand carved walnut that was rubbed with lime juice to alter the color. I've never seen anything like it. Their was also an entire room of carved teak wood.

There is the outside of the mansion. We spent the rest of the day going to bookstores (a difficult place to spend much time at with kids), going to dinner (the dinosaur was really good) and going to a movie.
We spent that night at our random room from priceline (love priceline!). The next morning we went to the temple, walked around the town then headed for home. We had such a great time together. We really didn't do anything too out of the ordinary but it was nice having it be just us. We love spending time together. We never run out of things to talk about. I keep learning new things about Tyler (this weekend he told me about tracting into the Wegman's house...I had never heard that story before). It was an awesome weekend. We owe the Moeller's. I really hope the kids were good. We were so excited to see them when we got back. It's been fun hearing all their stories and getting lots of hugs. They had a great time while we were away. They played outside a lot, went to the zoo, watched movies etc. It was a great time had by all!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love Spring

Who wouldn't with this little sweetheart around (not his greatest photo ever!)-
He was so cute and excited to pick me flowers...Tyler said it was all Garret's idea...pretty soon Spencer joined in and I was smothered in flowers....I love Spring!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This week was a little on the crazy side (there was a surprise birthday party for a friend, a trip to springville, a few hours spent at the ER, two kids excited about Easter and Easter itself). Monday night we had a lesson on Easter, we made Easter baskets and here a couple pictures from Saturday when we decorated eggs. Both kids really enjoyed it this year.

Sunday the kids woke up excited! Tyler woke up early so he could make us all breakfast, the boys looked for a couple eggs and they got their new Easter clothes.

After church and our Sunday afternoon nap we headed over to the Goode's for Easter dinner. It was delicious. The food was so great (someday I am going to learn to cook as good as Erika! Tyler's turkey and asparagus was awesome as well!)
The kids loved playing with their friends. Our crazy boys did have a couple bathroom mishaps (part of the adventure of kids).
It was really a nice Easter. I asked Spencer why we have Easter, he didn't say anything. So I said "is it about Jesus?". Then he said "Jesus die". Not sure he really grasped the whole thing but I am sure he had a good day! Garret caught on a little more, he would answer something about the "resurrection" in his cute little voice! They are just so fun!

Service Week 15

Last week I did not accomplish as much as I wanted but I did get a baby quilt started. Tonight we are headed to the Ronald McDonald house with some friends.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby 3 Update

I finally went to my doctor. I am in between 13 and 14 weeks ( I think I actually waited to go until 16 weeks with Spencer so I wasn't too late going). Anyway the doctor says the due date is October 11. The baby's heart rate was 164. Everything looks good thus far.

I had a hard time deciding which doctor to go to. The doctor I love moved his office further away. In the end I decided it was worth the ten extra minutes driving so I could see him. He seriously is such a great doctor.

So I guess now that we have heard the heart beat there is no more denying this little one! We are getting more excited all the time. Just 5 more weeks and we can find out what we are having!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Week

Another week has come and gone. It seems to rush by so quickly (except of course for the days when someone doesn't feel good- those days tic by very slowly!). This last week was not overly eventful. Garret has been enjoying building and creating. He no longer just builds towers- he builds rockets, zoos and anything his little mind comes up with. Spencer as a result of being his sidekick has picked up on these types of things very quickly. He also learned to play pretend much quicker than Garret did. It is fun watching them play together.

The weather was warm and sunny one day this week. The boys were excited to wear shorts and flip flops. I had bought Garret flip flops the year before when they were marked down. I thought he would be able to manage without the strap on them but I was mistaken. After one afternoon at the park watching him hobble around trying to keep them on (and asking me to help him over and over) I rushed off to the store and got him a pair with backs on them.
This weekend was conference. I love conference! I really do, I look forward to it so much. We had planned to go to the church this morning to watch but Garret threw up (I think he ate a little too much candy the day before playing "conference bingo") so we stayed home and watched. I love the message. I always feel so inspired to do better. There are a few talks I am anxious to read when they are printed up. It was a great weekend.

Service Week 14

This week I plan to make something but am not sure what (if anyone wants to come get creative with me...!!!)

Also we are signed up to make dinner at the Ronald McDonald house Monday April 13th so if anyone is interested in having FHE there with us let me know ahead of time so we can plan the meal together.

If anyone knows of any good service ideas for me I can always use ideas.