Monday, September 28, 2009


We had a buy one get one free at Bounce Magic so we decided today was the day to go. For 10 dollars the boys (all three of them) wore themselves out bouncing around for hours. There were all kinds of bounce house things there- cars, obstacle course, slides and more. They also have a little mini golf place that you can golf at for 50 cents. Everyone had a great time. I probably should have done some bouncing myself so that this baby would come.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just the Four of Us

We only have a few days left of just Tyler and I and the boys. We spent the day having fun with our boys. We started off by going to the free class at Lowe's. They loved it. They built fire engines and then afterwards they got to see a real fire engine. We could have stopped right there and it would have been "the greatest day".

We headed to the pumpkin farm after Lowe's. This is another of their favorite places. They talk about it all year long.
They love all the pumpkins, the playground, the animals, the face painting, the jugglers, the hayride, the "boo barn" (Spencer said he wasn't scared but he had his head buried in Tyler's shoulder) and of course the PIE EATING. Garret ended up not doing it last year and regretted his decision all year. This year he was determined.

Spencer could barely reach the table but did a very good job of following the rules- NO HANDS.

He only got a bite or two in but was very proud of himself and loved the bat necklace they gave him for participating.
Garret on the other hand really went for it and I think he probably was the fastest 3 year old (almost 4 year old) that was in the contest.

I didn't get a picture of Tyler this time. He debated doing it. He hadn't been feeling well, but he wanted to do it so he did. He only made it to 10 pieces this year and finished 4th. I guess it was time to pass the title anyway.
The pumpkin patch will be sorely missed by us when we are gone. Hopefully we will find fun family traditions wherever we move.
This weekend is a 3 day weekend and hopefully will be one filled with lots of family fun. We will have to get out a lot because there is a good chance we will be hanging out at home for the next little while.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

When will She come?

Today we moved the cradle into our room and did a few other baby prep things- I think she may really be coming- which means it's time to make some guesses. We are not due until October 9 so a little less than three weeks. However we will have her by the 6th. So leave your guess of when she will come and how much she will weigh- who knows maybe we will even come up with something for the winner.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Playing in the "Woods"

We have some tall weeds behind our garage that the boys call "the woods". They decided to build a fort in the woods. They worked on it for such a long time- literally hours. Garret was bossing Spencer around telling him to find sticks and leaves and Spencer was having a great time doing what he was told. Then they played in it for such a long time. They wanted to sleep in their "house" and were quite disappointed when I told them they couldn't. It was so fun watching them work together. I was such a tomboy and loved playing in my parents "woods" (they had a lot more of it then we do). Someday I hope we have a little more property for the boys to roam around and have adventures in.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

37 Weeks

Technically tomorrow I am 37 weeks but I have less than three weeks to go. I went to the doctor today (dilated to a 1- so nothing really). We sat down and looked at dates and if I have not had this baby by October 6th I think that is the day. Our baby is due during a very bad week so picking a date was hard. We decided to pick a date before the 10th because Tyler has a board exam on the 10th and will be gone all day and he has paid for it and can't just miss it. For his sake and mine it is better that we be induced before so he can do the best he can during his test and not be worried about me. It needed to be after the 2nd because that is when my Mom comes and I really need her here to watch the boys. The 3rd is Garret's birthday party. The 4th is Garret's birthday- Crazy timing. I am totally sick of being pregnant and would not mind going earlier but either way the 6th is not too far off. The doctors think that having me there, being induced, getting an epidural will help me not tear so much so maybe it's for the best. 19 days or less....

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Most Exciting Day Ever

Garret gets excited pretty easily. When he first heard about the primary activity he was SO excited. He brought home a little flier and asked me to read it to him several times a day. It said there would be a race so he practiced all week. Everyday he asked me when "the big race" was. He is great though because anyone around him can't help but be a little excited too- just because he is. Here he is waiting for the three legged race to start.
Spencer joined in too. I don't know how they didn't fall over.

There was a cake walk- They picked the messiest (but yummy) cupcakes.

Garret thought the relay race was tons of fun.

Who doesn't love doughnuts on a string?
Garret was not disappointed in the activity. On the way home he said it was "the best day ever". Anything exciting becomes the "best ever"- sure makes us feel good!
Onto other things-
We had some friends over for dinner last night and Tyler made the most amazing meal. I really am a little spoiled.
Spencer has become a puzzle machine. He seriously amazes me. He can do 25 piece puzzles all by himself and will do them over and over. He loves them. I never even thought of letting Garret try them at Spencer's age because they say they are for 3+ or 4+ on them. It is fun watching him put them together, you can see his little brain working as he turns pieces around and fits them in.
Garret and Spencer are both getting so excited for their baby sister. You would think Christmas was coming up. All day I hear "but I can't wait" and what their plans are for her. They also have taken up talking to her quite often.
I have decided that the baby should come two weeks early. Tyler has Yom Kippur off and its a three day weekend. So if anyone knows the secret to an early delivery let me know.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy Thursday

Yesterday was one of those days that was just go go go! We spent the morning at the East Aurora children's museum. The boys loved it so much. I actually liked it better than the Strong museum. Not because it has better exhibits but because it was enough to keep my kids happy and small enough that I wasn't worried about losing my kids if they played in different spots.

The afternoon was spent babysitting and trying to check things off my to-do list (I am not sure why it never gets shorter- I seem to add things faster than I get them done).
Then thanks to Kandis, Tyler and I got to go out. We went to the Ramadan dinner put on by some of the Muslim students and faculty at the school. We have been wanting to go every year and never made it. I am so glad we went this time. I loved it. I love it when people get together and enjoy good company. I love it when people teach about their religion without being forceful or judgemental. The dinner was delicious and the program was nice and informative. No one was trying to convert anyone, no one was bible bashing or trying to be right. It was nice and respectful and fun. I would recommend that anyone that has the chance to go, go when they can. After our dinner Tyler dropped me off at book club. I didn't think I would be able to go so I never read the book (although I wish I would have because it sounded good). It was fun as always and way too late as always.
Thursday was a full day but lots of fun! I love being busy but I also love putting my feet up and taking it easy- so don't call me between 12-2 I plan to be sleeping!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shower pictures

My good friend Briste gave me a few pictures from the shower. I can't believe I didn't take my camera out once- Thanks Briste! Look at all that YUMMY food!
Here are a few of the people that came. I am so glad so many people made it- I only wish I could have visited with everyone more.

Evidence of the spoiled baby to come! Everything was so adorable- Thanks again.

At the end of the shower the boys left the park and joined us. I loved this picture- there was only one cup left so they had to share and Spencer is worried Garret is going to drink it all!

Seriously Sick

If Tyler were to write this he would title it something different. What I thought was absolutely disgusting he thought was a great accomplishment. I have a feeling most people will side with me. What am I talking about...let me tell you....

About a week ago Tyler went with some friends to Red Lobster for the endless shrimp. I opted out, I would have enjoyed the company but can live without shrimp so I stayed with the kids. From what I am told someone told Tyler that if he ate 200 shrimp they would pay for his dinner. I am not sure if he was trying to show off or if he just thought I would feel better about the night if he came home and said it was free. Either way he came home 4 hours later and sheepishly told me he ate 201 shrimp and quickly followed that up with "but they were free".

He said they didn't taste that good at the end but by that point he was so close to his goal he stuck it out (what a trooper). Needless to say he didn't eat breakfast the next morning, or anything much that entire day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

This last weekend was so great. The weather was nice and we got to spend a lot of time with each other and with friends. We spent Friday night with a bunch of friends sharing ice cream and the nice weather. Saturday was the shower and a great family day. On Monday the boys worked hard in our yard and we spent the afternoon and evening with our friends Rick and Cindy and their daughter Callie. They have been so good to us since moving here. I wish I had great pictures that captured what a good time we had but I didn't. The boys love flying airplanes with Rick and Cindy (Rick is their hero he rescued Garret's plane when I accidentally flew it on the roof). The also love the dogs, wrestling Rick, playing with Cindy and Callie and just about everything there! It was a great weekend.


Our friends and neighbors, Josh and Kandis, have a dog named Teton. The boys love him. He is so mellow and lets them climb all over him. As you can see he has been a friend of the family for a few years now. Both Garret and Spencer have enjoyed using him as a horse! (I am guessing Garret is about 6-8 months younger than Spencer is in his picture).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pink, Pink, Pink!!!

Here I am just over 35 weeks. I feel so huge!!! I have been anxious to be done being pregnant for quite sometime now. Until recently I have been pretty nervous about having three-I admit I still have some anxiety about that (how will we go out, will I ever sleep....) but mostly I am excited.

There are some great people here that we love so much. One of them a fellow "Rachel" asked if she could throw me a shower. It was so nice of her to put it together and so nice of everyone to help her. I had such a great time (pics to come). I loved spending the morning with so many friends, loved the food, loved the beautiful sunny weather, loved all the excitement for our baby girl and oh goodness is she one spoiled girl already. Everyone brought her such adorable clothes, she got a swing (that will be a lifesaver), cute homemade gifts, hair bows (that Garret has already practiced using-he plans to help with everything), diapers- just to list a few of the awesome gifts. It really was a great morning. Thank you everyone so much, it meant a lot to me.
When I got home I made Tyler look at everything with me and I hung clothes up and started putting her clothes in drawers and getting things ready. It was so much fun. Then Garret woke up and the first thing he said was "look at all this cute stuff" and we looked at it all again!!! I finally feel like I might really have a baby GIRL and I am getting so excited to hold her, dress her up, introduce her to her brothers and watch our family grow and change. One month to go (maybe less).
Hopefully I'll get pictures soon so you can all see what a great shower it was!
On another note-
The boys are still as good of buddies as ever. They think I should let them sleep in the same bed. I say "no way", it would be fun at first but I know how it would end up- someone screaming about something.

The weather in Buffalo has been perfect lately- 70's during the day 50's at night. I wish it could stay this lovely for longer. We have gotten out and enjoyed it as much as possible. We have been busy lately- spending time with friends, Tyler with school and well the boys are always busy doing something, which means I am always busy trying to keep up with them. Sometimes it just seems like life couldn't get too much better!