Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Preview

I know it is Halloween today but I have been working on Christmas the past few weeks. I am a planner, it's like I can't help it- I buy my kids clothes for a year or two in advance, I buy Halloween costumes the year before when they are on sale, I have had some Christmas presents put away since last January when they were on sale after Christmas- I should have been a boy scout- "Be Prepared". (Disclaimer- there are still way to many things I should plan/prepare for better that I don't!)

Anyway I have gotten a few projects done lately (most I can't put pictures of because they are for people that might look at this). Recently, I made matching jammies for the kids for Christmas Eve and this road blanket. Our Christmas is going to be a little different this year. We are doing Christmas just like normal on the 23 and 24 (Our kids won't know). Then the 25th we are flying to spend a week with Tyler's family. I think it is going to work out great. We will get to do our family traditions here and have our special Christmas morning together and still get to spend part of the holiday with family. Plus we won't have to bring all of the kids Christmas with us!

Back to my Road blanket- I wanted to make a blanket they could use as a backdrop for their toys. I kept thinking of all these things I could put on it to make it looks so cute but in the end I wanted it to be really simple so that one day it could be the backdrop for a zoo and the next for a farm or racetrack or whatever they wanted. I kept looking at the road rugs and such at the store but they were always so busy I decided to attempt to make one. There are things I would do different if I were to make it again but I think the kids will enjoy it. I wanted to put something on the back so I ended up doing islands. I thought they might have fun using boats on the back or the water animals.
It was a fun little project to work on. I love Christmas and love thinking all year how I can make it special. I don't expect the kids to jump for joy over this present but I think they will enjoy it. I think the kids are going to have a hard time waiting for Christmas this year. They already talk about it all the time. Christmas with kids is the best!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baths, Naps and Cowboys

Adele took a quick bath with the boys the other day. They thought that was so exciting. For months they have been talking about where she would fit in the tub! Our little lady doesn't like being swaddled. This is foreign territory for us (the boys were swaddled like burritos for months). This girl is in desperate need of a schedule but it's hard to commit to it so she gets spoiled often and held a lot.
She was not a very happy cowgirl tonight (we had the ward Halloween party), then she was a sleeping cowgirl (not sure which I like better since her late nap means she is still up- it's 9:30).

The boys have been anxious to wear their costumes ever since I picked them up after Halloween last year. They loved them!!!

We took two of our neighbor kids with us tonight (it was a full time job just keeping an eye on them all- Not sure I could ever manage that many).
We had to have a picture of Daddy and his girl!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I never put a picture of Tyler's pumpkin up- here it is (the pirate). This afternoon we went for a nice long walk with the kids. Fall here is so beautiful. Maybe it's the post baby hormones or the reality that this is our last fall here but the fact that we are going to miss this place is starting to hit. Who knew we would love Buffalo like we do? (many nostalgic post to come in the next 6 months!)

Adele went to church for the first time today. (I think she looks bigger in pictures then real life). I felt like I was playing with a doll when I got her ready today. It was so fun! We love her so much!!! Just for memory keeping sake, her current nicknames include, but are not limited to- Smelly Deli (she poops a lot), Deli Bean, Sweetie Pie (so cute when the boys call her things like this), Del, Della, Deli Beli etc. Usually she is still BABY SISTER!!!

Tyler started doing a workout called P90X on Friday. Garret loves doing it with him. He takes it surprisingly serious. I think he makes a better workout partner then I ever have!
I think life is starting to settle down a little (its great don't get me wrong) but with the new baby, Tyler being gone for five days, boards and residency's it has felt a bit crazy. So crazy that we just kicked it at home as much as possible this weekend (we even missed a Halloween party we really wanted to go to because we just couldn't get it together in time).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Big Day for All of Us

Garret and Spencer- It was a big day for Garret and Spencer because they finally got to carve pumpkins. They have been looking forward to this for a long time. They made funny faces while getting the "guts" out. Their pumpkins started out being a face and a witch but ended up just being pumpkins with big holes in them. They got a little carried away with the knife- but had fun.
Adele- It was a big day for Adele because she got to go to the zoo for the first time. The boys had fun showing her everything. She didn't really see anything though because she slept the whole time.

Tyler and I- It was a big day for us because we committed to a residency in Grandview Washington (near Yakima) for after graduation. It will just be for one year. We feel good about it and it's nice knowing what is next. There are things I am not excited about but I am sure it will be a good year and hopefully it will be a year that gets us closer to where we want to "settle" down at.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tyler returned from his 5 days away. He had a good time- saw and did a lot. If everything works out it looks like we will be doing a 1 year residency in Washington. The 3 kids and I had a surprisingly good 5 days on our own. Tyler missed 1/3 of Adele's life and was glad to be back with her and the rest of us. I owe a big thanks to all of the great friends we have here that visited, invited us over, fed us and checked in on us. I have actually left the house several times just me and the kids and it hasn't been too bad. I am convinced the change from 1 to 2 kids is a lot harder than from 2 to 3. Maybe I'll eat my words soon but for now 95% of the time I am just enjoying it. I don't feel the same guilt I felt when I brought Spencer home. When he was born it took me a while to know how to share my time and I was always feeling bad for someone. This time I know that in the end we will all be great and we will all be glad we have another person in our family and I know it will go by way to fast so we are just enjoying it. In other news Garret weighs 39 pounds and is 42 inches tall. Between Garret and Spencer they got 5 shots today. Adele is 15 days old and needs to SLOW DOWN. I want to enjoy her in every stage but she is already getting so big. She is only 15 days old but she weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces. She put on almost 1 pound in 1 week- SLOW DOWN. Speaking of slowing down how is it that dental school is almost over. Speaking of dental school Tyler got back his first board scores (there are several this year) and he PASSED!!! He passed with flying colors and I am so proud of him. Now it's time to study for the written section (I know he will do great).

I think that is the run down of things lately. Next time I will put up pictures because I know everyone is ready for more pictures of the little lady and her two big brothers (I thought the novelty might wear off but it hasn't they still just adore her).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blessing Day

We wanted to bless Adele before my Mom left but didn't want to bless her at church yet so we just kept it low key at our house (wasn't ready to throw a big party either). We took a few pictures before her blessing. For the actual blessing she wore the same dress I was blessed in. Isn't it crazy that we all start out as babies and that little Adele will grow up too. The blessing was beautiful and reminded me once again what special children I have been blessed with. I am so thankful that Tyler was able to do this for our little girl. We love our family so much.

We didn't get any great pictures of her in her blessing dress but she really did look cute.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A new kind of normal

Our days don't really have any set schedule at the moment. I hope they do soon but for now we just kind of go without a plan. My Mom has been here and is here for a little longer. We haven't left the house much so this morning we went to Chuck E Cheese and used Garret's free birthday tokens. (My Mom picked the right case on Deal or No Deal!) Then we took Adele to the Doctor to be weighed. She is doing very well almost back to her birth weight. Adele gets smothered all day long by her brothers. I think she is pretty lucky. Spencer still won't call her her name. If we ask him the baby's name he says either Baby sister or I don't know. He loves her though and always seems very concerned if she is crying.

Garret (and Spencer) have been a little crazy lately but they have their super helper moments. One of Garret's jobs is to vacuum the living room- he loves it. He has also been helping get diapers and take them to the garbage.
If Garret had his way he would hold his sister all day long. He seriously can't get enough of her. Today while he held her I heard him say in a cute little voice "I just love you little cutie pie".
He "snuggled" her on the couch for a long time. He just can't get enough of her.
We had our first family home evening with all of us. We decorated a haunted house. (check out our scared faces). It was busier than normal but fun.

I keep waiting for the days to feel normal but I guess I don't really know what normal with three kids feels like. For now I guess we will just take things as they come.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


...walk- She really did like it although she doesn't look like it in this picture.
...bath- she really didn't like this. She did like being all clean.

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home"

Tyler took a board exam on Saturday. When he got home he was greeted by three kids who adore him.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Coming Home

We came home Thursday morning. I was so excited and ready to come home. I missed the boys so much and could not wait for them to meet their long anticipated sister.
She looked so big in her car seat and so cute in real clothes.

When we got home the boys were so cute and excited. Garret just kept laughing and Spencer was amazed my tummy was gone (which was nice since the first thing someone said after Garret when they saw me was "I see you haven't had your baby yet"). They both started kissing her and singing to her. They want to help with everything (seriously everything). They also want to know about everything- why she doesn't have a "wee-wee", why she has a funny belly button, why she eats "mommy milk" etc. We have been doing a lot of educating lately.
They love their sister and don't seem to have anything but love for her...however they have been different lately. Very needy, clingy, doing things for attention etc. I think it will take a little getting used to. There are a lot of sweet moments mixed in with the chaos- Garret asked me if Adele would always be a girl. I said yes. Then with a big smile he said "I think I'll marry her someday". Luckily the chaos doesn't bother me like it did after Spencer. I know it will settle down, I know this first part will be so short- probably too short. I know I'll sleep again- someday. Things really are pretty great.
She loves to sleep but not so much in her bed. She will sleep for a good four hours in a row or more if she is snuggled up to someone. We have some training to do!
Several people have asked how we narrowed down the name to Adele. Well Tyler said we had to 12 to decide the name. I came up with five names and told him I would be happy with any of them- Emmaline, Edith, Scarlett, Bridget and Adele. He then narrowed it down to Emmaline and Adele and Adele won. Hopefully she thinks we picked right as well. I think since we decided her name so late it still feels a little funny to call her that. She normally is "the baby" or "baby sister".
We are glad to have her home and be all together.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Cuteness

These pictures are out of order but here are a few pictures of Adele. Don't you just want to kiss those big chubby cheeks. She is so big and yet still so little!

She even has cute little toes!
Tyler with the ladies. I can't believe she has her eyes open (she sleeps most of the time).
I thought this one was great because she just looks so BIG.
With her Grandma- We are so glad she is here. It has been so nice for me knowing the boys are with her- I am sure they are having a great time- My Mom might need a vacation after spending so much time with the boys.
This is the first time I held her- I was already smitten with her!!!