Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Year...

...of poor oral hygiene
...late night snacks
...bad breath stuck in between my teeth

All so I could be Tyler's boards patient.

In the end it was all a waste....I didn't was all for nothing (good thing I was exaggerating...a little...there really were many times I thought I shouldn't eat this just before bed...and then I thought "but I want to be his boards patient"). He was thankful for my effort but that still doesn't cut it.


Debbie said...

I guess you really should have gone with the "laying swedish fish along your gums while sleeping". Not really !!!!!! I sure hope that he can find someone to work on.
Good luck Tyler.

Love, Mom

brent and kashann said...

Wow, you really did that? I didn't even think of making that sacrifice and I have no idea if Brent has found a patient.
Good wife.

Boss said...

Lol! The things we do for love!