Monday, January 11, 2010

Real Life

We have been back from break for a little while now and I still don't feel like we are back to a routine. For some reason it has felt a little hectic. Maybe we are still getting used to the new schedule or something.

Since being back Adele turned three months old. She is wonderful! She smiles soooo much, she makes a funny breathing sound that I think is going to turn into a full on giggle any day. She found her voice and loves to talk to herself. (the boys love it to, apparently they can interpret what she says). She hasn't gone back to her good sleeping since break. I still can't complain about her but she was doing better before vacation. She is a very content little baby.

Spencer turned 2 1/2. He is now in senior nursery. He says the funniest things. For example he said "When I be a Daddy I like shrimp". (that was just out of the blue). He also told me you climb to heaven. Everyday he cracks me up with what he says. Sometimes I just sit back and listen to the two of them chatter about all kinds of random stuff. Spencer is a stubborn boy. He knows how he wants to do things. It is actually pretty funny watching him try and hold his ground about everything. Overall he is a delightful little guy that adds a lot of life to our family. We can't imagine it without him. This box is no longer a is a rocket ship and if you ask the boys they have been to Saturn in it!!! Actually we all went....yep we all fit in the box!
I am pretty sure this is the worst picture I have taken of my beautiful baby. It looks nothing like her and I know she will either find it hilarious one day or hate it. I find it hilarious!

Lately we have been spending a lot of time with the missionaries. We really love them. We are always so sad when they leave our area. We had the missionaries and some friends over tonight. We had a yummy meal, a lesson and a great game. I think we all got a good laugh.
Everything around here is going well. Tyler has to retake the boards (he got a 73 you have to get a 75). I am proud of how he is handling it. He is not excited to take them again but he is working hard and not letting it get him down. I don't know if my kids will remember this time of their lives but I hope they remember or at least know that their Dad always kept going. He kept smiling and having fun no matter what happened. Dental school has not been easy but I think he has made the very best of it and our family will leave stronger then we started.


Debbie said...

I can't imagine where Spencer gets that "stubborn" side from. (-:
Adele will definately HATE that picture when she grows up - be sure to show it to all of her boyfriends (yes, she will have boyfriends!)
And, last but not least, You and Tyler are a constant example to me of 2 people who do not let things get them down, but go on with life. Enjoying every minute, and yet, always progressing. Always doing better. Always being the best example to your children, and even extended family.

Thank You, Love, Mom

Tia Saxton said...

We miss you guys! I know you'll get it this time big brother! I'm proud of you!! Thanks for all your help trying to get Michael into school.

Alicia said...

What a great post - I love that picture of your baby, everyone has to have a few of those!

I'm impressed with Tyler's attitude as well. I always think things like that are when you really see your spouse's character and love them all the more for it. We kept all of our rejection letters to grad schools (for both of us) because in the end it paved our road just as much as the acceptances did. Now looking back I'm glad we did because it really did build us, change us, and gave us new experiences because of it.
Anyway, blah...blah...blah... good job you guys and good luck!