Sunday, January 3, 2010

Since we got back

Friday we flew home (it was crazy- mechanical problems, Adele pooping through clothes and running through the airport), we made it home by late Friday afternoon We decided not to have the kids nap so they would get back on our time quicker. I fell asleep feeding Adele and when I woke up Garret was asleep next to a vent, Tyler was asleep on the couch and Spencer was playing in his room- needless to say we are all still adjusting to the time difference.

Saturday was my birthday. It was fun being the "princess" for the day. I got lots of hugs from the boys and they made me cards and picked me out a present from the store. Tyler made me yummy food and we went to a movie together. It was a fun day and so far 26 is treating me pretty well! Don't you love the crown and flower Tyler made me!
Spencer looked so cute during his nap. He said he wasn't tired and this is how I found him about 30 seconds after he went down. When they were born I gave each of the kids a stuffed animal that used to be mine. This dog was mine when I was little and now he snuggles with it.
It snowed a lot today and we debated for a minute about going to church or not. We went and it was a great meeting. Garret told me he wanted to bear his testimony. I said that was fine (our rule is they can bear their testimony up front as soon as they can do it by themselves), he said he would be fine and that he knew what he wanted to say. He went up and started doing the chin quiver, lost it and came back down. I was proud of him though and told him we could practice at home so he wouldn't be nervous.

We just got word that my Brother and his wife are going to be parents tonight or tomorrow. I am super jealous of everyone that lives closer. They will get to meet the little stinker before me.

We are all sad that Tyler has to go back to school tomorrow but are thankful for the time we got to spend with him over break.

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Alicia said...

What a great idea to give your kids a stuffed animal that used to be yours - I have so many and never thought of that! He looks so cute snuggled up to that little doggy!
You guys are such awesome parents, you have all kinds of great ideas like "you can bare your testimony when you're old enough to go by yourself" - and then you stick to it even when they get the chin quivers. Can't wait to hear how it goes next time!