Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book of Mormon Party

We finished the Book of Mormon again on Sunday (the second time since Garret was born...slow and steady). We always celebrate. This year we had a "Book of Mormon Party". We had "Neefries" and "Ammonade" and other "Book of Mormon Foods". We played Book of Mormon Charades and drew pictures of our favorite parts. It was really fun. The kids loved it. They amazed me by how much they know already. They also crack me up with some of their answers to questions. When asked what their favorite stories from the Book of Mormon are- Garret said "Ammon cutting off the arms" and Spencer said "I'll tell you one, we are all in a rocket with Nephi and Laban" (?). I am glad that scripture reading is part of our everyday life.

On another note. Spencer is hilarious. Here are just a couple examples-

Spencer- "I be a daddy someday and I not pee on the garbage can anymore" (lets hope his aim improves before he is a daddy).

Spencer- "When you be a grandma I take care of you and visit you everyday"

Spencer- "Do you want to play rady the rody with me?"

Spencer- "We gonna move to Washington and live by Grandpa Bob, I gonna sleep in the cabin"

Spencer- "I gonna be a scarecrow and a daddy when I grow up"

Spencer- "I gonna love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...."

Spencer- "Whoopsie-Daisy" (you would have to hear him say it's so cute)

Spencer- "You a bloop-bloop"

Spencer- "Those my friends, I gotta give um a hug" (he loves his teachers at church)

Spencer- "There two Rachels, heeheehee" (he thinks it's so funny that he knows two people named Rachel)

Spencer is so much fun!!!

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The Bennett Family Blog said...

so sweet! I can't wait for my little boy to tell me he is gonna love me forever and ever and ever!! And I wish him well on the aim thing! I'm not sure how much that ever improves!! I'm still laughing!