Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bob

Garret came to me and said he had been thinking and he wanted to be a super hero when he was all grown up. This started because I told him super heros weren't real. He thought if there aren't any real super heros...there should be...and it might as well be him. He drew me this picture so I would know how to sew his super hero clothes (when he grows up). I am also suppose to remember the cape is brown, his mask is black, his shirt is black and his pants are brown. On the shirt I am suppose to write "The Greatest Super Hero".
His Super Hero name is going to be Batman and his other name will be Bob. After he told me this part he said "But you can still call me Garret, because I will always be your Garret". Then he thought for a minute and said "Being a super hero is kind of hard work, you have to change your name and try not to be scared of bad guys". I told him he didn't have to be a super hero...but he still wants to be. He said he wants to be a Dad still too and he will protect his kids and me when Im a Grandma or if I am in a fire. He says he will be busy working but since he can run so fast he will still be able to come see me everyday.
He was very cute telling me all this and I was amazed at what detail he had thought out. Hopefully this post will help me remember how to make his costume when he grows up (maybe Ill make it might get more use now) and how cute he was telling me about it.
Anyone who reads this...SSSSsshhhh...Garret doesn't want everyone knowing he is going to be a super hero. Only his family and Grandpa are suppose to know. He doesn't want any girls except his Mom and Dels knowing... !!! Gotta love that kid!!!


Marianne Thayne said...

Mum's the word. How cute is that! Love the picture.

Debbie said...


Love, Mom