Saturday, February 27, 2010


My friend Alicia "tagged" me. I am pretty sure I haven't been "tagged" or at least I haven't done one in at least a year. So here goes nothing....

4-cluster answers to questions:

4 shows I like to watch-
-The Olympics (not sure that counts as a show- but I really love them)
-I know my list is a little sad but I really don't have any "shows". Occasionally I'll flip channels, but very rarely. We watch movies sometimes if we have nothing else to do.

4 things I'm passionate about:
-My family- I love them and can't get enough of them.
-Reading- I am almost always reading something and I LOVE discussing what I read.
-Planning- It's a weird one I know but I am always busy planning for something (I like to be prepared)...ex. buying ahead for Christmas, buying kids clothes ahead, planning parties ahead, setting goals, food storage etc...
-People- I really love people...I got my degree in studying people and I feel passionately about people; taking care of people, analyzing people, teaching my kids how to treat others, I love meeting and knowing my neighbors...etc.

4 phrases I say a lot-
-"like"- I hate that I use this word as often as I do. I can hear myself saying it but unless I really focus it comes out before I can catch it and keep it in.
-"What I mean is"- I guess I can get tongue-tied when explaining thing
-"Shut up an kiss me"- OK I don't really say that, but I think Tyler would love it if I started using it!
-"I love you forever"- It started when we were dating and has become a common phrase around our home (it even says it inside my ring).

4 things I have learned from the past-
-Hindsight explains most things- Looking back so many things that didn't seem to make sense at the time do now and when life doesn't make sense now I try to relax and know it will someday.
-If you spend your time looking for positive things you will find them.
-If you lock your kids in the car with the keys the police will unlock the car for free.
-When my Mom said "we would always be her babies" she meant it. My oldest is four (still pretty little, but acting so big) and he is still my baby. We don't really understand our parents until we become one.

4 places I would like to go-
-Thailand- I did a report on it in 7th grade and have wanted to go since- plus I love pad thai and I better it's way better there- if that's possible.
-All fifty states- I know that is more than one place but I have a goal to go to all fifty states and I think I have been to 33 (or something like that).
-Italy- Mostly because Tyler has always wanted to go...and if he goes I'm going.
-On a cruise- We've never been and it sounds fun.

4 things I did yesterday-
-Cleaned my house- of course.
-Got Adele to giggle - it is so cute.
-Went for a walk with the boys in the snow.
-Visited "Grandma Bates" my neighbor. She cries every time I visit now because she doesn't want us to go. Breaks my heart.

4 things I'm looking forward to-
-Dental School ending- It's bitter-sweet but it's time.
-Road trip- We plan to take a road trip across the country, when we move (We have tons of fun stops planned along the way. I told Tyler we will probably all be crazy when we are done but the memories will be worth it).
-Family- Getting to see more of our families when we are back out west (I have a nephew I have never even met)
-Anniversary- I know I ruin Tyler's surprises a lot, but I love them and that is why I go to such great lengths to figure them out...and I love celebrating us!

4 things I love about winter-
-Sledding- It is my favorite winter sport (if it even counts as a sport).
-Fleece Sheets- Tyler got me fleece sheets for Christmas and I love them. They are never cold like the other ones.
-Winter holidays- They are long past but they were wonderful.
-Footie pajamas- I love how cute my kids look in the full body jammies. I think this may be Garret's last winter in them.
-I know this makes five but I'm writing them so I get one more- "Warm spots"!!! My kids love sitting in front of the heater. Every time they turn on they run to them and plop or sprawl down in front of them. Sometimes they crawl out of bed in the morning and lay by them and go back to sleep- too cute.

4 things on my wish list-
-A library- I already have a ton of books (everyone is going to die when they help move my boxes of books). I love books and I can't wait til I have a beautiful room just for them. I'll spare you the details (at least for now) but I have it all designed in my's perfect and there is a good chance if you can't find me I'll be there.
-Volleyball- I hope where we move there is a team or at least an open gym I can play at. I have missed my sport so much.
-Two bathrooms or at least a fully fenced yard (you know so the neighbors can't see when one of the boys runs out back)
-Counter space- I love my house but lets face it there is NO counter space. You make think I am exaggerating...I am not. In order to use my crock pot, I have to turn the toaster.

Tag 4 people- about Anna, Heather, Stephanie and Leah- If you want to!


kristenita said...

Wow, I learned a lot of cool stuff about you from this!

Easy As a Menu said...

Wow, this was really fun to read! I had so many comments about each thing that I think if I started it would be the longest comment ever. =) Basically, I really enjoyed that - thanks for doing it back! =)

Easy As a Menu said...

oops, guess i'm signed in as my food blog, sorry about that...this is alicia. =)