Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tid Bits

-We had dinner with friends this weekend. It was so fun- the food was great and the company too. Both of these girls are little chunks- love it!

-We showed our house six times this weekend. One of them was a second showing...cross your fingers!

-Spencer and Garret love telling us we are the best in the whole world...we rather like it.

-Adele seems to believe pooping at other peoples houses is more fun than here.
-I read a book called Still Alice (which was very good) but I now have a fear of Alzheimer's.

-Adele is still the easiest baby to get to smile. She is also loving her voice and spends much of her time saying "ooooooo" over and over.

-Spencer told us he was thirsty 102 times between Target and our house (we counted). He ended with "I am super-duper thirsty". Even after 102 times he still had to wait until we got home.

-Garret loves chapter books. I love it too, don't get me wrong I love picture books but it's fun reading something different and fun sharing a love for reading together.

-What is it with kids and vacuuming, they love it!

-I can't seem to get Spencer to comprehend the fact that us moving to Washington does not mean we are going to live at Grandpa Bob's house.

-Garret told me he wants to skip his next birthday. After asking why he said "I want to stay four so that when Spencer turns four we will be four together, then we can go to primary together and share our clothes."

-Spencer still uses the cutest voice when talking to Adele. He says sweet things like "Hey Deli, it's your big brother", "Hey sweetie-pie", "It's ok, I'm here"...
-I am having a hard time finding positive things about Tyler having to take the boards again. I am really getting sick of it and can't wait til it is over (Tyler feels the same way).

-Is it just me or was this winter pretty mild, I keep waiting for a bad storm to come...either that or I am just getting really used to it. I am excited to go to the park again.
-At FHE last week we all set goals. The boys decided not to have treats for a week (we made an exception for our dinner with friends), it was awesome they didn't ask for treats once. They even got worried about eating a granola bar because it had chocolate in it and they wanted to keep their goals. I think we should do this more often.


Stephanie said...

Your winter is mild because we got all the bad weather down here. I love the cute things your boys say. I cannot wait until Natalia is old enough to make some silly comments.

kristenita said...

AMEN ABOUT THE STUPID BOARDS. I hear ya, sister. I'm not positive about it At All. I'm annoyed.

cute post, & I hope you get a bite on your house...

I'm afraid of Alzheimer's too... I've banned antiperspirant in our house because of it!