Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's just kind of crept up on us this year. We made Valentine mailboxes on Wednesday and then made each other valentines. We opened them on Saturday. The kids loved it (of course). Tyler made us all a Valentine but it didn't fit in the mailboxes. Spencer was so funny because when he opened his mailbox he just kept pulling stuff out. He had made himself lots of Valentine's and he loved them all. For Breakfast I made heart shaped biscuits and pink gravy. We spent the day together then got ready to go the church dance. The boys had been excited for this for a long time. We all had fun getting ready.

Adele was my "accessory" at the dance. We had fun dancing at the dance. Not many people actually danced but we did- our kids had been looking forward to it so we couldn't let them down. It would have been more fun if there had been other people dance. The boys were happy though. On the way home they kept saying, I wish the dance wasn't over.

Garret even snuck in one dance with a GIRL!!!
We had a fun day together. We are lucky to be a family! We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day.


Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

That has to be the aweetest, most creative valentine I have ever seen! What a great husband and Daddy you are Tyler! Glad you all had a great day!

Debbie said...

It does look like everyone had a great time.

Love, Mom