Friday, March 26, 2010

The Library

We love our library. I am pretty sure all the ladies that work their know the boys. Some know them by name others just recognize their faces. Our library is awesome for several reasons-

1. They sale used books for very cheap. They used to be .25 cents. Now they are a little more but they have sales. Our library growing up had a little cart of for sale books, this library has a whole room!

2. They have not only an excellent selection of books but they also have tons of movies. They even have a new release section.

3. You can renew your books online...No late fees. (Flashback to high school when I got sent to collections for not returning my books on time and you will realize this is a very good thing).

4. They have free classes for kids. Garret started going when he was under two and I have sporadically signed them up since. They love it. The teacher is nice and organized. There is a them each week. They read books, sing songs and do crafts.

5. It is right next to a park so on sunny days we can do the library and the park and it makes for a perfect outing.

6. They told Garret as soon as he could write his name he could have his own card. He has been able to do this for some time now but I made him wait til I remembered my camera for him to get it. (I haven't told him that it won't work when we move...I guess we will have to come a lot before then). He was beaming through the whole experience. It was priceless!
I am glad the boys already love books and reading so much. Our library has definitely helped them develop that love. (Now if only I could get them to pick out books on things other than snakes and motorcycles it would be even more fun!)

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kristenita said...

Which branch do you go to?
My faborites are Audobon & Clarence, but there are two others much closer to us, but they aren't as good...