Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Valley of the Sad Song

I wrote this last night, and though I don't share much of what I write I thought I would share this.

In the valley of the sad song

there’s a little bird that sings,

And if you sit by her, but not long,

she will tell you many things.

She has talked to many people,

who have come to her with tears;

And they tell her of the sadness

they have felt throughout the years.

She sings of the very first story

that started so happy and bright;

Of a love that would go on forever,

it was eternal in both of their sight.

This first man that sat in the valley

before the sad song filled the trees,

Came right to this place from a memory

and crying fell down to his knees.

He saw no one there but the young bird,

with feathers that looked like the sun;

So he told her of all he had lost now,

because of the love he had barely begun.

They had newly just started their family;

a little child had bounced on his knee.

But no bouncing and laughing was had now,

no, laughing, there just couldn’t be.

And as he sat in the valley of sad songs

(for that’s now how the valley was known),

The bird cried a tear for the sad man

and gave him a feather that shone.

And as the man picked up the feather,

he felt a slight warmth touch his heart;

He wasn’t all healed or unsad now

but inside, well, he felt he could start

To look at the world as half full, just,

and he thought “I might not be done”.

So he thanked the good bird for her kindness,

with the feather he walked into the sun;

And though now the bird felt slightly colder

she was pleased for what she had done.

So on and on goes the story

of each person who came with their tears.

The little boy who missed his doggy,

or the woman who had many fears.

And to each of them went just one feather

unsuspecting of what they received,

As they walked from the valley of sad song

they felt like they could at least breathe.

So I sit here right now with the old bird,

oh her sad song to most is not grand;

But she listens as I weep through my cold eyes

and buckle as I try to stand.

She looks down at me and she shivers,

for one feather she only has now,

But she pulls it from off of her bare skin

and passes it to me somehow.

And as the sun touches my cold hand

I look to the bird and she cries;

For new feathers, they cover her over,

But much brighter then ten million skies.

See, in taking our pain she got coldness,

So that each of us could live again;

She added a small part to her sad song

But gave of her love without end.

And now she had infinite feathers,

As she gives they will always grow back;

And though the sad song keeps on growing

New feathers she never will lack.

So down in the valley of the sad song,

There is a little bird and she sings;

And if you sit down by her, but not long,

She will tell you of the love that she brings!

Hope you enjoyed,



Debbie said...

Tyler, that was both beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you, Mom

Debbie said...

That would be Rachel's Mom

Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

Beautiful... so impressive Tyler!!

Marianne Thayne said...

Tyler, you have a beautiful talent. That was simply uplifting. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...


You touched my heart...

Love you,
Your Mommy

Oh by the way thanks for the Happy 30 years note( we loved it) we will treasure it always & the Newlywed game... That should be quite entertaining...