Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

Tyler's birthday is April 30. April 30 is also our anniversary. We like to celebrate both so we just separate the two however works best. For the last couple years we have gone to a baseball game for Tyler's birthday. Today was the best day to do the baseball game so we decided it would be his birthday.

The boys love Tyler's birthday. They look forward to it so much. I think we will be going to baseball games every year for his birthday from here on out. Since they were so excited about it we decided not to cancel even though the weather got pretty cold.

Here is how the celebrations went-
Last night I had buy one get one free at the theater so we went to a movie (just Tyler and I).

Tyler woke up and decided he wanted to open his presents first (he is a kid at heart). He seemed to enjoy them.

This morning we had biscuits and gravy (Tyler's favorite). Then cake for lunch (why not?).

(I had fun making his cake. I worked pretty hard making the baseball look really cool- then I accidentaly smashed it with the lid- whoops!) We put trick candles on his cake and the boys (and I) thought it was so funny watching him blow them out.

We sent him through the spanking machine. This was pretty comical as well. He was a little too big to fit.

After not very good naps (they were too excited) we headed to the ball field. It was about 45 and a little breezy. We were joined by some friends and despite the chilly conditions we had a great time. The boys got to see the bison, try to catch balls, eat peanuts, watch their friend play a game between innings and cheer.
Adele did really well until the rain and wind picked up in the seventh inning. We decided we had all had lots of fun and it was time to head home.

I have a family picture of us each year at the game. This years did not turn out so well!
I think Tyler had a great birthday. I know I had fun celebrating with him. I am so lucky to have him as a husband. He is such a good man. He is good to me and the boys and everyone he is around. I can't believe he is 29 (almost). When I met him he was 21. I love that I get to grow old with him. Happy Birthday Tyler!
On a completely different subject. One month from today we are planning to move (if everything goes as planned). I have very mixed feelings about it all. Someday Ill try to sort through it all.
A couple other pictures from the last little while. We went to bounce magic a few days ago. None of the pictures turned out very well but this one of Adele was pretty cute. She sure is a sweetheart.
And my boys! I am just the luckiest Mama!


Debbie said...

Cake for lunch! Absolutely a good way to go for a birthday. It looks like everyone had a greaat time.
Happy Birthday Tyler !!!!!!

Love, Mom

Tia Saxton said...

A very merry unbirthday to you brother! I'm glad you guys had a fun day. My little niece just keeps getting cutter! We miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Tyler's early Birthday was so much fun!!! It looks like the baseball game was very fun, it's so good to see all the pictures... Oh what cuties!
Miss you all,
Your fam in Colorado