Sunday, April 18, 2010

These are a few of our favorite places!

Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and we were feeling a little couped up so we went for a drive and took pictures of a few of our favorite places. I wish there was some way to capture all our favorite places. There are hundreds of others we didn't get a chance to drive by. It was a fun little outing. Here are a couple of the pictures.

This house is on our way to the tennis courts we play at. We think it is beautiful. There are so many beautiful old houses here- this is just one of the many we drool over. Garret loves this golf course because it is where he played his first game of golf with his Dad.

It wouldn't feel like Buffalo with out the Dental School.

There are several beautiful buildings on campus.

The Ronald McDonald house is beautiful in many ways. The building is beautiful and it's one of the places we served at frequently in the four years we have been here. Tyler also did service there on his mission.

The Zoo.

Sister's Hospital is where we first met Spencer and Adele.

We will miss Wegmans (the nicest grocery store ever created) and Aldi's (the cheapest grocery store) when we move.

Our Church! We love the people we have met and worshipped with here. We have many many wonderful memories here.

We love our church because of what goes on with in it's walls. We love all of the other beautiful churches in the city because they are everywhere and some of them are so beautiful and detailed they kind of take your breath away. (this is just one we passed by, it's beautiful but not like some of the others).

Wouldn't you love to go to High school in a building like this. There are so many amazing schools, churches, government buildings, mansions. Buffalo sure must have been something in it's day!

Like I said I wish I could capture more of it. Buffalo has a lot of run down areas but there are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods and lots of character. We had a fun little drive trying to capture a small amount of it on film.


brent and kashann said...

What a good idea! It's funny to take pics of a grocery store you always shop at but then again, it is one of our big memories so it needs to be in the blog!

Alicia said...

It's so interesting the things that make a place feel like home. I'm sure you will have the best memories from Buffalo. Great post.