Thursday, May 20, 2010

Across the country day 2

Day 2 was lots of fun.  We were in no real rush so we got up when we wanted and headed out.  We stopped in Shipshiwana because it was a good halfway point.  It is a large amish community.  They were having a HUGE auction and flea market so we walked around and admire all the amish handiwork and the boys loved seeing the animals that were there for the auction.  A very nice amish man let the boys pet his horse and they thought it was the most wonderful thing.  I loved the chance we had to talk about people believing different things and still being great people.  Overall it was a really great experience. (I guess the only picture I took was of the cow the boys thought was so HUGE).

Then  my wonderful husband humored me and took a back road through Michigan so I could officially say I had been there.  All of the country we drove through was lovely.  Then we went on to Chicago. We really didn't do a lot there other than enjoy the architecture and eat Chicago pizza.  We debated weather we liked New York pizza or Chicago better.  It was a tough decision and maybe I am biased but in the end I think I favor New York.

Once again my amazing husband humored me and we took a side road up to Wisconsin and enjoyed the dairy farms of Wisconsin.   And Tyler killed a racoon.  It was gross and sad and we felt bad but there was no avoiding it.  He might have actually done this for himself so he doesn't have to take a vacation to Wisconsin just so I can cross it off my states I haven't been to list.  We drove on a little more and stopped just outside of Moline, Illinios.

Spencer asked me a couple times when we would be going home.  I have a feeling each day he might ask that more and more!  So far though I give the kids an A+*. They have done really well and had lots of fun too.

*Unless we want to factor in Garret sitting on a marker and turning his clothes, car seat and body red.  And Spencer peeing in at least 6 cups in one day!


Marianne Thayne said...

Ya just gotta love the markers. Sounds like you are having a great trip. And your husband is as usual treating you like a queen!

Ashlee said...

I love chicago stuffed pizza. Yum! We're lucky enough to have a place here in Phoenix that does an excellent stuffed pizza.