Saturday, May 22, 2010

Across the country day 3

Thursday morning we made our first stop in Moline Illinois.  This was one of the places my Dad served in on his mission.  We had always heard of Whitey's ice cream so we decided to try it out.  We all loved it.  Tyler even broke the rules and gave Adele a try.  Her first ice cream was Whitey's!

Then we pushed on to Nauvoo.  Right before getting there Tyler stopped to save a turtle crossing the road- I guess he was trying to make up for the dead raccoon. We did a little research on hotels and ended up getting a little cabin.  It was as cheap as a hotel room.  We couldn't have picked a better place to stay.  The boys loved it.  They were ecstatic and thought we should move there.  It was so cute and had a little kitchen.  We had to drag the boys away to get them to go out and see the sights.  We toured six or seven historic buildings that afternoon then went to the missionary show Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.  They had been looking forward to seeing John Taylor's horse.  They loved the story and thought seeing the real thing was - awesome!  It was so fun.  The boys loved it and gave the performers high fives after.  Day one in Nauvoo was great.  I think it would be so fun seeing my parents in this if they are ever lucky enough going to Nauvoo on a mission!   (There was actually a man there that Tyler and I thought looked like what my Dad will look like in 20 years).

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Marianne Thayne said...

That turtle has a scarry looking tail--I have never seen a turtle with a tail like that! Love your pic's.