Saturday, May 22, 2010

Across the country day 5

Today I got to go to the Temple in the morning.  It was beautiful.  The kids and Tyler went and explored a little more while they waited for me.  Then we packed up and went to Carthage.  It was a very solemn place.  Garret seemed to really sense that.  After a picnic lunch we headed from there to Liberty Missouri.  The kids slept for about half of the trek across Missouri.  They did so great.  I don't know why I was so worried about the boys in the trip.  They have done so well.  Spencer still has to pee way to often but by day 5 we seemed to have mastered the side of the road potty break.

At one point in the drive we stopped and got out for a minute.  When we got back in Spencer found a rock in his shoe.  I didn't think much of it but then I turned around and it was gone.  He said "Mom I put it up my nose and I can't get it out."  He had his finger way up there trying to get it out.  I had just a little moment of panic then squeezed the other side shut and told him to blow.  One big blow later a booger covered rock flew out.

In Deli news over the last couple days she has been increasingly mobile.  She not only pivots around but also gets up on her knees and is just about crawling.

We made it to Liberty jail before it closed and toured it.  All of these sites have reaffirmed our testimonies and given us a greater understanding of what the early saints went through.  We are staying the night in Independence and plan to tour it tomorrow after church then set out across Kansas.  I have so many pictures I hope to have time to post soon.


Debbie said...

It sounds like you are all having so much fun. I really can't wait for the pictures. And hearing the boys tell me all about it will be the best. Can't Wait !!!!

Love, Mom

Marianne Thayne said...

Can't wait for the pictures--did you get one of the rock?