Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 13 and 14

First here is a picture of how Adele and Tyler spent much of their week in Colorado.  My poor sick babies.          
Day 13 we went to church in Colorado then visited Tia at the hospital.  We got to hold her cute little baby and say our goodbyes to everyone.  Tia, Michael and kids will be in Kentucky the next four years so it could be a while until we are all together again. We really enjoyed spending time together and it was sad saying goodbye.  We snapped some pictures of the kids before we headed off.
Then we drove 7 hours up to South Dakota.  We were a day late for Grandma Talcott's birthday.  She turned 98 on Saturday.  They let us celebrate a day late with them, we even got to see Tyler's cousin Kevin.  I thought the kids might be a little timid here but they made themselves right at home.  Spencer even made up a song about Aunt Joanne and Uncle Art.  
The boys made their Great Grandma a plaster imprint of their hand prints and were so excited to give it to her. 
Adele thinks that Uncle Art is so much fun.  He tried teaching her to crawl and even though she hasn't figured it out yet she did give him lots of smiles.
Adele also had her first tea-party.  
Day 14 was spent all together after a relaxing morning we went to Story book island.  I think it was the perfect place for the kids.  They LOVED it.  (We did too).  
I think that Uncle Art had a good time too...isn't he a cute Raggedy Anne!!!
Garret loved the train ride...Spencer did not like that he couldn't see us for part of the ride.  Actually he hated it and screamed the whole time.  
We accidently left Tyler with two ladies to push- whoops!
Great Grandma almost didn't come but in the end she couldn't resist an afternoon with the family.  We were so glad she came!
Then just when we thought day 14 couldn't get any better Aunt Joanne served us dinner - it was SO good. We have had a great time in South Dakota so far.  Tomorrow we have another day to spend with everyone here in South Dakota.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad all of you had such a fun time with everyone in South Dakota... So glad Great Grandma got to go to Story Book Island Too!!! I just loved all the pictures & have fun tomorrow....
Miss you already... Love to all,
Your fam in Colorado

Marianne Thayne said...

Very nice to see all the fun you are having. I hope everyone is feeling better.

Debbie said...

It really looks like everyone is having a good time. Now that they are all well that is. Adele crawling!! I can't hardly believe it. Can't wait to see those kids.

Love, Mom