Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Across the country Day 15

Day 15-  We headed off to Mt. Rushmore this morning.  The weather was nice this morning so we did the little trail that gets you closer to the mountain.  We thought it was a flat path so we brought the stroller.  It ended up having a lot of stairs so I had to put the stroller on my back.  The last part of the path I had the stroller, diaper bag and Spencer.  The trail was not long but it felt kind of long.  The kids thought it was fun getting a better look though so it was worth it.  We had fun watching a video and learning a little history of the mountain.  When we had seen all there was to see there Aunt Joanne and Uncle Art bought the kids t-shirts.  They love them.  Garret's glows in the dark and he has taken each and every person into the closet to show them how it glows.  He asked if he could wear it t bed and the last I saw of him he had his head under the blanket looking at his shirt.  
We came back to the house and everyone crashed for a little while- Everyone!
Then the boys picked to go to dinosaur park for a little while.  (There are a lot of kids activities in Rapid City).  
Then we went and got Great Grandma, headed over to Cousin Kevin's new house so we could see it.  It is a very nice house and made me miss our little home in Buffalo (they were both built in about the same year).  

The evening was spent eating dinner and playing games.  I don't think the boys are going to want to move on tomorrow.  They started crying as soon as I told them we were going to leave tomorrow.  Everyone has had such a nice time here.  


Debbie said...

You sure are having a lot of adventures !!!!!

Enjoy, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

So glad you have had fun with our family... I told Garret & Spencer that Uncle Art & Aunt Joanne would spoil them & Garret asked me what was that, & I told them that they would just love them alot & treat them special... Because you are special,
Love, Grandma

Sarah said...

We MISS YOU! It looks like you're having the adventure of your lives! Great job on the blogging.

Tia Saxton said...

Looks like fun! I wish we could have joined you! I am jealous that you are in Twin Bridges right now! I miss it SO much. So many good memories of grandmas house!