Wednesday, June 9, 2010

End of trip and settling in

Time to play catch-up.  The last couple days of our trip included a lot of driving and a few fun stops.  We stopped in Billings Montana and visited Tyler's Grandma Joyce.  She is not actually his Grandma but they spent a lot of time there and she became an honorary Grandma to him. 
After a quick visit there we headed down the road.  We stayed in Bozeman where Tyler was born.  The next morning we headed to Twin Bridges Montana.  It is a tiny little town about a half hour south of the 90.  Tyler's Mom and Grandma were raised there.  We visited his Grandpa's grave first.  The boys found some lovely dandelions to decorate with.
We were glad we were able to stop there.  Tyler never knew his Grandpa but has heard many wonderful things about him so he had fun telling the boys about him.  Then we headed to "the ranch".  Tyler's relatives don't live there anymore but his Mom and Grandma were both raised there.  The owners were so kind and let us feed their horses, play in the trees, see the old  house etc.  We had a great time playing on "the ranch". 
The owner said that this tree was planted by Tyler's Great Grandpa.  It is a black willow and she thought it was brought over from Illinois.  The boys thought it was a perfect climbing tree.
After a good hour of playing there we hit the road.  Finally after 18 days, numerous nights spent in different beds, many potty breaks along the way, two "cowboys poops" (that's what Spencer called them), 16 states, 3500 miles, and a million great memories- we arrived in Yakima Washington.
As soon as we got here the boys started running around the house.  They were so excited that there were two bathrooms and they love that there are trees in the yard. 
My parents came for a couple days. It was nice having them help with the kids while we unpacked.  The unpacking was not so fun but it's over now.  It still feels pretty foreign to  me here.  Going to church and knowing only my sister was weird, the only places I know how to get to are the places Marc has drawn us maps to.  I know we will get used to it but there are mornings I wake up and miss good ole Buffalo.

We live in a nice neighborhood in a nice house and we have the best neighbors (my sister Anna and her family live RIGHT next door.)  I think it will be a fun year.  The kids are so cute together (I feel like we live in a scene from the sandlot or little rascals), they call to each other over the fence and if they can play they climb through a hole in the fence to get to the other side.  They think it's the best thing in the world. 

It's official we live in Washington now! 


Water Buffalo said...

Had you been to Montana before Rachel?? Did you remember I was born in Billings?? Also, Bozeman is where my family has gone every summer since I was like 3!!! My brother and his wife are there right now living.

Candi & Ezra said...

What a great trip! Congrats on getting settled into your new home!

kandis said...

we miss ya! it's just weird knowing your not around the corner. good luck in your new place. give me a call again soon.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you got to see the wonderful Montana memories where I grew up & get to know my
Dad a little better... Oh how he would have loved all of you!!! Have fun at your new home!!!
Love, Grandma

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous!! What an awesome setup. I love the fence deal! So fun. It's fun to read all about your WA adventures, I keep saying to myself "Hey! I know where that is!" So fun!