Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Further West

Last week we got all settled in then decided Yakima was not quite far enough West so we decided to spend the weekend visiting family and friends.  We went to Vancouver Thursday morning.  We decided to surprise my sis Leah.  She wasn't there when we got there so we just waited.  Then Spencer had to go the bathroom (big surprise there- he goes like 25 times a day).  While we off on our bathroom quest I called Leah and she was back home.  I kept her on the line and told her a few little fibs about what we were going to do that day so she would think we were in Yakima.  Then I showed up at her house and rang her doorbell.  She said "oh hang on someone is at my door, should I open it?  I'm not expecting anyone".  I told her she should just open it so she did and big surprise it was us.  Her look was priceless.  We got to spend the afternoon with her and her little family.  We played around her house, went for a walk (in the rain) and then went to dinner together.  It was so nice that when we said goodbye it was not for a year but just for a week. 
After our fun day in Vancouver we went on to Shelton.  We stayed with my parents. Friday morning we went to visit my friend Nichole.  I haven't seen her in a year either.  The boys thought her boys were AWESOME!  I didn't get any great pictures but doesn't Timmy have the greatest eyes?
Back at my parents house the boys went out and played in the woods.  My parents just put this zip line in the woods.  I admit I was a little nervous the first time Garret went.  I told him over and over "Don't let go!!!"  He did great and loved it.
Then the little adventure lover about had a heart attack when Uncle Dan told him he would sleep in the cabin with him.  Heather and I snuck out to take his picture and we forgot about the dog that was with them.  The barking scared Garret a little and that was the end of the camp out.  He was pretty sad about the outcome but  still had fun.

Saturday was free fishing day in Washington so we headed off to enjoy the outdoors.  Heather and I hiked the babies in.  It wasn't too far but still a nice little hike and that girl of mine gets heavy quick.  (Doesn't little Ridge look cute in his pack?) 
We didn't catch any fish. But Garret did catch himself.  Just his shirt though and now the thinks it's kind of funny that he was the catch of the day.  Mostly we just had fun enjoying the outdoors, throwing rocks in the water and being together.
Garret and Uncled Dan walked across the river and he got pretty wet (he loves getting wet) so he ended up in his whitey tightys while his shorts dried a little. 

After a few hours we hiked back out and got to spend the rest of the day with my parents.  Tyler worked on a couple projects in the shop.  I am excited for the finished products.  We also got to see my grand parents.  They live up the road from my parents.  Garret loved playing with some of the same toys i loved at his age.

Sunday we went to church with my parents then went to see our friends Mark and Jenni.  We haven't seen them in years.  They went on our first date with us an share a lot of our history with us.  They are awesome and we  love that we are closer to them now.  Not only are they great people but they have two adorable kids. 

We had a great weekend and loved seeing everyone.  Then we headed to the East again!


kandis said...

how fun! I can't wait until we are closer to family!

Marianne Thayne said...

I just loved reading and seeing your adventures. You have a gift of making me feel that I am experiencing your event with you. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Good to see pictures of Leah & Naomi, looks like you had lots of fun & way to not let go Garret!!!!
Always love all the pictures,
Love from Colorado Family

Jenni said...

I need to send you these pictures. After church and when I have pampered mark enoug I'll get on that. There are some pretty fun ones.