Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Ryan and Rachel

Rachel and Ryan are friends of ours from Buffalo.  Ryan is a dental student and Rachel is a high school English teacher.  They are amazing- not only are they "that couple" that everyone can just tell is in love and happy, they are involved in everything (volunteering, church, sports etc), they find time for everyone and every kid in the world loves them (our boys would get so excited whenever we saw them- seriously, you would think they were celebrities). 

Rachel and Ryan are trying to adopt.  We are so excite for them, they are going to make great parents.  Any child that is lucky enough to join their family will be very blessed.

When Tyler and I found out that they were officially working on adoption we wanted to help spread the word.  If anyone wants to know more about this couple go here.

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Rachel said...

Thank you, Rachel!! You are too nice! I must say that I think your boys love EVERYONE (they are the sweetest children on the planet), but we are honored to be among their "favorites." It must be because Ryan is such a fast runner...I think he won them over with his doorbell ditching. Honestly, thank you so much for your help!