Monday, July 5, 2010

More fun family times

Friday my Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Hector and Natalia came to visit. Stephanie and Hector did not get to see Anna's family because of Lydia being sick so they came here for a quick visit.  We had fun playing with all the kids.  We roasted hot dogs, put on the play and wore all the kids out.  When the kids were in bed we played some guys vs girls tri-bond.  Us girls had a pretty good loosing streak going.  We had one great victory that earned us breakfast the next morning! 

Saturday all the brothers and my Dad met up to go rafting.  They started with all you can eat pizza. 
No one took pictures of the actual rafting or of them in their suits.  They had planned to at the end but there was an injury.  Tyler sprained his ankle pretty bad at the end of the run.  I thought maybe he would regret the trip but as soon as he gimped home he said it was awesome and he would definitely to it again.  It sounds like they had such a good time together.
The boys wanted to take care of their 'lame' father.  They were bringing him drinks, sharing their blankets and anything else they could think of.  I think he might be secretly enjoying having everyone wait on him.

Our fourth of July celebrations were kind of lame this year.  It just snuck up on me.  There was no red, white and blue food or anything fun like that.  I did have some pop its and confetti poppers for the kids.  They were suppose to pull the string at the same time for the picture but that didn't really happen.  Instead they all popped at random but it made for some fun pictures.
The adults got to use the very exciting gun poppers. 
Even though we didn't celebrate too much today we are very grateful for the country we live in.  We hope to always do our part to keep this country great.

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Debbie said...

It was a lot of fun - at least the part that I participated in.

Love, Mom