Sunday, July 25, 2010


These last few days we have been very busy enjoying our time together and the hot summer weather.  I took the kids to the park.
We went to the free movie at the park.  I love these kind of events that bring people from all walks of the community together. The boys thought it was so fun that they could sit outside to watch a movie.
Saturday the church celebrated pioneer day.  My little "pioneers" thought they might like being pioneers ALL THE TIME.
Saturday afternoon we were invited to a work BBQ.  Adele and the boys loved the water.  It was nice putting a face to the people Tyler works with.
Last week I got to watch Anna's kids. I let them set up tents in the living room and that kept everyone happy for several hours!

Life still feels kind of crazy and unsettled right now but we are having fun. We are finally finding our way around, learning where to shop and play.  We are loving our neighbors here (how lucky am I that I get to be neighbors with my sister!). 

 I talked to my neighbor from Buffalo the other day and felt so homesick for Buffalo.  We will always love it there.  Hello to all our Buffalo friends!!!


kandis said...

excuse you! who were you talking to? not me! I think you are it in this little game of tag we are playing! miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How fun to see all the cute pictures of the kids & so glad you are getting settled in. Looks like you were all very busy & had lots of fun this weekend...
Love, Grandma & Grandpa