Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Twenty Dollar Challenge*

Tyler and I enjoy competition (just friendly competition of course).  Our latest quest to outdo one another is "The Twenty Dollar Challenge".  During the year of Tyler's residency we each have to see how much we can increase our original twenty dollars by.  We can make money however we want.  If we spend anything it comes out of our money, if we go bankrupt we are out of luck. 

We each started with twenty dollars.  I made some "needle holders" and sold them to the quilt shop my Mom used to work at and I have had a garage/bake sale.  My current total is right around 250.  Tyler has made quilt racks and he took a cut from MY garage sale because some of the things that sold were his and he put up all the signs for me.  I think he is around 210. 

So far I have done really well and I have more money to work with now the problem is I am out of ideas.  I can think of things I could make but I don't know where to sell them at.  So I am pleading with my friends out there in the blogging world to send me your ideas (No ideas for Tyler though- just kidding, I want him to do well too....just not as well as me!). 

If you have an idea let me know- I'll keep you posted on the challenge as the year goes on....

*We stole this idea from someone else's blog (I can't remember who- but they get the credit for this fun idea).


Marianne Thayne said...

How fun! I am not trying to be a trader, but I would like one of the quilt racks--send me info Tyler. Rachel I think those little sundresses you made to give away before were so cute and I bet you could sell those...Good Luck to you both! (where does the final money go?)

Alicia said...

Oh, what a fun idea! I love it! Hmmm...I do like the bake sale idea. I'll have to think of other ideas - jewelry, like beaded bracelets or necklaces come to mind...you can sell them for a high markup, but again, I don't know where you'd sell them either. Also, I know how to make dishcloth aprons with an iron-on initial for little kids. They're *really* *really* cute, and I think they come to around $2/apron. You could sell them for $10 and make a fortune! We did that in business school for all the kids and they were SO easy and SO SO cute.
Anyway, no matter what you do, that is seriously SUCH a fun idea! I love it!!